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I have been having problems for a little while now with BSOD's. I have been using the program Whocrashed to try and pin point the problem which has been giving me the 124 error but as a conclusion refers more to a 3rd party driver being the cause of the problem.

So I have finally just decided to do a clean install O.o..... deleted partitions on drive created a new one reformatted and have gone to reinstall windows and there the problems really start. The computer keeps getting a 124 BSOD error at different stages throughout the install sometimes it will BSOD before it even gets to the stage of installing the OP and other times it will get as far as 60% through the install.

I have already removed the Video cards, removed all the ram and tried 1 stick at a time, disconnected the blu-ray and tried to install from a USB image reseated the CPU and all the cables on the PSU and MB and I have reset the CMOS with the jumpers.

Now its get me as to whether it is the PSU as I said or the HDD as it does crash before it gets to writing to the HDD but its at least always in the process of preparing to write to or actually writing to the HDD when it crashes.

My system is;

HAF X case
ASRock Z68 Extreme 4 MOBO
Thermaltake tough power 875W XT
i7 2600K stock
16G Corsair vengence 1600
2x GTX 570 OC
WD caviar Black 2T
Corsair Hydro H70
Pioneer BDR-206 BD

Any advice here would be great as I have run out of ideas on what it could be and I dont really want to be sending parts off for RMA if I'm sending the wrong parts off.


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Re: PSU or HDD

You can determine if there is a problem with the drive by installing it to a second computer and running a Extended Test to it: How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

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