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SATA Drives Master Slave

I know there is no jumper to set a drive for Master or Slave on a SATA drive, so though I've never seen it in print, the OS must be finding the  boot sector to determine which drive to boot from. So I now have a problem with my SATA drive for which I have exhausted all reasonable options to fix a blue screen problem so I'd like to resort to putting a new drive in, installing the OS fresh then adding the problem drive as a slave and copying everything I need over to the new drive, then reformat the problem drive. Problem is, since both of these drives have bootable boot sectors, how do I make sure it boots to the new drive?

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Re: SATA Drives Master Slave

typically the bios has a hard drive priority option

if it doesnt, then it will typically boot the first drive it gets to


so plug the new drive up to the first sata port (sometimes port 0 rather than 1)


the whole master/slave thing was part of the IDE spec and not in the SATA spec...

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