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My Book Essential Drivers

Good morning,
I just bought the 1.5 TB My Book Essentials on Sunday.  When I plugged it in, I had automatically clicked on the Windows 7 "install hardware" dialog box where it proceeded to incomplete the installation (couldn't find driver).
Having read the WD manual afterwards, I obviously want to install the proper WD dirvers and be able to use the tools associated with WD.  My question is how can I reinstall the drivers?  I took a look at the device manager hoping that I would be able to delete the old driver and then install the new , but of course I could not find the driver (not installed I believe). 
When I plug in the HD, the autorun box does appear and I have clicked on it in the hopes of being able to run the embedded driver, but there are no programs or drivers associated.  Should I download the latest software and utility drivers?
I did run a backup through Windows 7 Home Premium, but as the manual says, I cannot see what has been backed up.  I saw the HD transfer music files, but I didn't see (I could have missed it) it back up my photos.  I can see that the system image is about 75% of the backed up file... might this mean that the images were backed up?  The backup file was about 95 GB and I know my laptop's HD has only consumed about 77GB.
Thanks for your time and knowledge. I just want to clear this up as soon as possible because once I have confirmed my laptop has been backed up (inc. my photos), then I have to ship out the laptop for repairs.
Thanks again.  I look forward to hearing from you.
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Re: My Book Essential Drivers

Hi dude!!!


The drivers can be found here. It's the link called "WD SES Driver".


Hope it helps!

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Re: My Book Essential Drivers

I wouldn’t trust WD Smartware for backup requirements. Try using Microsoft SyncToy downloaded from here. (free) This will create a mirror image of folders you have choose to backup and can be accessed from any PC.


MS SyncToy


The driver you’re looking for is SES driver. You can download it from here. It is now available on Windows automatic update.


SES Driver Download

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