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Unable to recover Data

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I had a WD My Book Essential that is the 1TB USB 2.0 external hard drive.  For some reason, I plugged it to the computer and it says, do I want to format.  I told it no and I can't access the drive.  I then accidentally formatted the drive and all my data are lost.  I tried using third party recovery tools like iCare, wondershare, and Stellar Phoenix to recover the data but the only thing that I can recover are the WD manual files. 


How do I go about recovering the data from the external hard drive in this case?

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Re: Unable to recover Data

try using another recovery software


you can use TestDisk or Easeus Recovery

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Re: Unable to recover Data

Ontrack® EasyRecovery™ Professional


The above recovered EVERYTHING I had on a 3tb MY BOOK ESSENTIAL that displayed the "do I want to format" message.


In my case I did NOT format the drive


TOOK A LOT OF HOURS but the software recovered everything with "g" ( good? ) quality!


Since you say you formatted your drive I can't say it would have the same result for you.


Do the trial version as it will show you what it found after it does a scan of your drive. If it finds what you want you then need to pay for the software in order to transfer your files to another drive!

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