2.5 PATA HDD with capacities higher than 320 GB

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by on ‎07-02-2011 04:22 PM

It would be very nice for laptop users to have high capacity 2.5 HDDs with PATA interface available. At the moment the maximum capacity is 320 GB (no change since two years here). Since the first 2.5 HDDs with 500 GB per platter start to be available now, 1000 GB drives (with 2 platters, 9.5 mm height) should not be a problem. Older laptops that can handle 320 GB will be able to handle 1000 GB and many people - like me - are quite satisfied with older hardware they bought for a lot of money some years ago (especially true for IBM laptops). However, HDD space is always a problem.


I would like to exchange my 2.5 PATA 250 GB WD HDD against a 1000 GB model :-) 

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by on ‎08-09-2011 03:38 PM

ditto for the 3.5"


I can't find anything over 320GB


I have 3x 3.5" WD 500GB E-IDE disks


at one time there were also 750GB E-IDE WD Disks


I have a ton of systems that have empty 48-Bit LBA ATA controllers that
I could be using with some large E-IDE drives for Data storage


by on ‎09-05-2011 11:38 AM

Check out "SATA-to-IDE adapter" at Newegg e.g.:









Some of the adapters you want are classified under  "IDE-to-SATA adapter".


Thus, be careful when searching for such an adapter, because some

convert SATA data and power connectors to standard PATA HDDs.


Your host controllers are 40-pin PATA male connectors that mate

to 80-conductor Ultra-DMA ribbon cables.


You'll want to examine the proper adapters that convert standard IDE / PATA

80-conductor Ultra-DMA ribbon cables to FEMALE SATA data connectors,

with a separate connector for input power.


Those FEMALE SATA data connectors will then plug into your MALE SATA data connectors.


Thus, the proper adapter MUST have a standard 40-pin IDE / PATA connector,

just like the connector on your IDE / PATA HDDs.



Remember also to NEVER power a SATA HDD with BOTH the

standard SATA power connector AND standard 4-pin Molex connector --

if both are present.


Because most current SATA HDDs only have the SATA power connector

and no 4-pin Molex connector, you should limit your search to

adapters that also incorporate standard SATA power connectors.



With the right adapter, you should be able to upgrade your HDDs to 2TB,

assuming your IDE controller can address such large HDDs i.e.

48-bit LBA ATA controllers should work fine with 2TB HDDs,

using one of the preferred adapters described above.



Hope this helps.






by on ‎09-16-2011 08:58 AM

I agree, it is relatively easy to install such an adaptor in case of 3.5 inch HDDs - there is alwas space available in desktop computers. However, in case of laptops this will not work due to space limitations. The only possibility I found so far involves soldering (written in German):



by on ‎10-06-2011 07:36 AM
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