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add the "black plate" to all 3.5" disks

Status: Acknowledged
by ‎08-25-2011 05:21 PM - edited ‎08-25-2011 05:22 PM

I just recently received a WD Green 2TB of the EADS series Mfg. 2010
it has an extra black plate and screw to hold the spindle from the top

well this disk doesn't shake at all when flat or vertical

all the other WD disks I have, that don't have this black plate and extra screw
shake like crazy when mounted vertical and smooth as silk when mounted flat
but jump all over the table when mounted vertical

it's a 0.025¢ screw and a 1¢ plate

standardize the Mfg. put this on all disks and get 0 RMA for disk induced vibrational damage

Status: Acknowledged

2 plate drives

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-13-2011 05:05 PM

I used to buy disks with more plates but I stopped doing that as it seemed the more plates the shorter the live of the disk.


4 plate disks are about as many as you can put in the form factor, however I have seen a competitor put 5 plates in a drive. I cannot speculate on how long it lasted.


Today most of my disks are 2 plate (4 head) disk assemblies. These seems to be reliable. I wonder if 3 plate models are now joining the 4 plate disks in the graveyard?


Of course cheaper models may have a single plate. I dislike that practice as it tends to be more of a disservice to the end user down the road. 2 plates are better as there is lots of storage.


My netbook came with a 160 GB disk but I replaced it with the WD3200BEVT I purchased as new previously. The disk was in a USB case when I bought the netbook.


2 plate disks are fine for the desktop and the portable.


Status: Acknowledged

Bigger Raptor Drives

Status: Implemented
by on ‎12-17-2009 08:37 AM

It's been awhile since i've seen a new Raptor drive come out. I would love to see them in larger sizes - while I love my raptor (boot drive), 300GB is barely enough for a proper OS + programs any more. Can we get one in a 1TB or similar size?

Status: Implemented
We now have the 600 GB Velociraptor

I've been a loyal fan of WD drives ever since the 286 computers Smiley Happy  In fact I still have a 420MB and a 500MB hard drive running in my 286 today Smiley LOL  But, right now Samsung is slowly taking over my high end media and video rendering machine.  I have your 3TB green hard drive in there for my converted media for now but Samsung is closing the gap in capacity.  It's time to step up your game and start dominating the SSD world as well.  Prices are finally dropping. I got a Samsung 1TB SSD for under $500 Smiley Surprised  It's actually hooked up to my WD TV Media Player Smiley Happy  I wouldn't mind hooking up a WD 3TB SSD to my media player Smiley Tongue 

Status: Acknowledged

I was thinking recently while watching one of Paul's Hardware videos and an idea donned on me, what if WD had HDD boards that matches their respective series.


The Black series have black boards

The Blue series have blue series

Green series have green board

etc. etc.


That way, each HDD will look different because painting the entire HDD housing case would cost a lot more than the board being painted.


too many thinking or crazy talk


thanks regard

Status: Acknowledged

Self-encrypting device (for consumer)

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-17-2015 06:45 AM

I'm not sure if WD already has self-encrypting HDDs but I didn't found one. So I would be happy if WD makes a SED for consumer with a SATA port. In my case it should be a HDD for my laptop.

Status: Acknowledged

Why no 5400 RPM 2.5" drives with 32+ MB cache?

Status: Acknowledged
by ‎07-09-2015 10:43 AM - edited ‎07-09-2015 05:14 PM

It is no secret that the market for HDDs is being substantially altered by SSDs, with their price dropping every week. Many SSDs saturate SATA III and the next big thing is a PCIe SSD which can take advantage of greater bandwidth. This is causing a shift in sales away from HDDs to the consternation of WDC employees. WDC and the other vendors are naturally moving toward hybrid drives to take advantage of the shift.


That said, one of WDC's practices makes no sense. Virtually all 2.5" 5400 RPM HDDs only have 8 MB of cache. Seagate is the only exception with a few drives containing 16 MB of cache. The only way to increase the performance of a 5400 RPM drive is to increase the amount of cache, so why doesn't WDC offer 5400 RPM laptop drives with 32 or even 64 MB of cache given that the engineering investment would be rather small?


I believe that the market for these drives would continue for some time, as 5400 RPM drives are energy efficient, though they would need to be priced accordingly. Some customers would use these drives in existing laptops, with others using them in external USB 3.0 (now 3.1) enclosures for backups or to increase the amount of data storage in laptops where reinstalling the OS to take advantage of a larger, faster drive is problematic. Hybrid drives are faster, to be sure, but they are also much more expensive. Would these drives occupy the lion's share of WDC's future sales? Of course not, but right now WDC is ceding the market to Seagate, with Toshiba also gaining due to its low prices.

Status: Acknowledged

wdc needs a premium version of WD Black² : 256 GB SSD MLC SAMSUNG + 750 GB SATA 3 7500 RPM

having 120 GB is not enough.

and the quality and speed of the 120 GB is questionnable.

it would be better that WDC do a partnership with Samsung and include their 850 PRO 256 SSD MLC with their Software Samsung Magician to optimize the system and secure the life of the SSD by separating 20% of the capacity of the drive as Over Provisionning.

And for the HDD part we cannot be satisfied with 5400 RPM speed.

and WDC knows how to make a 750 GB at 7500 RPM.

so thats what we want : instead of a poor 1 TB at 5400 RPM, its better to include a 750 GB HDD of 7200 RPM.

Then I will install this premium version on all my laptops.

because for the moment I feel not satisfied with the low specs of WDC Black² and I will not buy it, I will wait next version, if its done preperly and good as i said.


Status: Acknowledged

Larger Black2 Dual Drive

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎04-22-2015 10:11 AM

One of the few things keeping me from ordering a Black2 Hybrid Dual Drive is the lack of drives larger than 1TB.  I want a larger boot drive as the hard drives seem to be heading towards 10 or so TB's.  There is plenty of 3 and 4TB drives available today but they don't have the advantage of the speed of a SSD drive mated to a conventional SATA hard drive..I always have the option of buying an SSD plus a conventional HD but I would like to get it all in one package thereby using only one hard drive assigned letter.

Status: Acknowledged

Remarket WD Purple as backup/archive

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-04-2015 05:13 PM
I run a server with a couple of arrays, one main, one backup. The main is WD Reds as you would expect, but the backup array is a couple of 2TB Purple drives in a mirror. They seem perfectly suited to the role; they are optimised for writes and by the nature of backups they're mostly written (incremental update nightly) and usually only read when something goes bang. This is a very similar pattern to their intended use of surveillance, only reviewing footage after a breakin.

Ignore the ATA Streaming stuff, they just have that command set enabled in their firmware, but won't use it without getting those commands from the host.

They also have drive vibration protection for upto 8 bays, they are intellipower rpm like reds too, and have TLER enabled. Cheaper than reds though, as random reads/writes are pretty bad. Writing big single file images of volumes they are very good!

Status: Acknowledged

Offer WD RED 2.5inch with higher capacities

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎01-31-2015 11:12 AM

At the moment I am building a new home server using a micro ITX case. Because of this there is not much space inside the case and I would like to use 2.5inch HDDs to save energy.  I need at least 2 TB usable capacity and I want to use a RAID to increase the availability so it would be great if I could use 2.5inch WD RED HDDs with 2 TB each but at the moment there are only 2.5inch disks for notebooks.


Best regards


Status: Acknowledged

Properly advertise the application of Green drives

Status: Acknowledged
by ‎01-28-2015 05:43 PM - edited ‎01-28-2015 05:45 PM

Looking through Amazon and Newegg's comments on Green drives, it becomes obvious that many people do not understand their purpose. Somehow they adopt the idea of a free lunch, i.e. lower power with the same great performance as 7200 rpm drives. Of course this is nonsense because a 5400 rpm drive makes for a slow system drive. My suggestion is not technical, it is marketing. Change your online brochures to state something along the lines of: "Green drives are not recommended for use as system drives in desktops due to their slower access times. They make excellent back-up and data drives, however, and will not contribute to a heat problem even in non-vented external enclosures or laptops."

Status: Acknowledged

Add more D-RAM cache to harddrives for better performance and transfer speed.

Status: Acknowledged
by ‎01-15-2015 02:19 PM - edited ‎01-21-2015 12:20 PM

During testing it seems like the drives with the most D-RAM cache have the best performance regardless of disk speed (RPM) 5400/7200.


increase from 64 to 128 MB /256 MB

Status: Acknowledged

ou must start production your Hard Drives with 4Kn.


I can't start build my new computer with drives that emulate 512 byte sector instead 4k native

I knnow is because of the market where most of the user uses Windows 7, but Windows 8 and 8.1 almost two years ago, is time to start sell 4knd because Windows 8 and 8.1 deliver native suport out of the box for this

Status: Acknowledged

Idea approved for voting.


Could you guys please make this Drive Linux compatible.

I bought this thing whithout knowing that it was Windows only and NEVER have encounterd drives that are only for one specifiek OS. It is a great piece of technology.


Better HardDrives

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-04-2014 08:21 PM
Somebody posted this here.
I question as to why some of this has not already been implemented.
I looked at hard drives in the light of what parts of the pc slows it down.

What are the limits of disc based hard drives?

I found spin speed? Arm movement? maybe circuitry?
Size of the disk?

I read a few post on how it has been tried to make them faster.
Is it just cost or what is limiting hard drive manufacturers?


2 arms in a hard drive? both able to read and write at the same time?

Multiple arms so any part of the hard drive can be read from in the same amount of time?

Disc- Rotated from the outside keeping the center of the disc?

Magnetic rotation instead of motor based? mag lev stabilization?
Spinning and holding from outside/middle/inside of disc?
Or even roller/other based?

different kind of arms?
or no arm at all?
Arm that allows each layer of arm to be in whatever position from tension or other?
1 arm motor moves layer of head each head in set ways?

Strip/other going the whole length of hard drive able to read or write from entire disc surface at once?

*multiple arms/strips that do do don't move to cover entire area.

Better aerodynamics inside of hard drive reduce friction?
Not just helium-- internal structure.
Increase speed from air flow produced?

Better heat disbursement?
Air flow in around hard drive?

Heat Sink?

Sealed area around disc..
Air flow around area in harddrive..
Reverse flow blow out dust?

Single surface that covers entire disc?
Be able to read or write from any part of disc at once?
Rotating or not?
Cones multiple read heads per cone/ mechanical/other redirect
for multiple locations?

head head
\ / \ _ /
\ / \_!_/switch
disc disc

Raid hard drives:
Can this already be done?
Half+ data on different parts of disc?
4x+/- with say 2TB drive with data placed along the disc repeated 4 times?
making 4x512gb with 4 spots to read from? 3 backups?

Also what is the limit in write speeds?
Multiple discs and heads on 1 arm?
Write each bit of data one after another on different disc?
Then put them together or however in down time?
Status: Acknowledged

Wd Black Wd4001faex 4tb só reconhece 2TB!!!

Status: New
by on ‎08-28-2014 11:46 AM

Tenho um Wd Black Wd4001faex 4tb mais so e reconhecido pelo sistema 2 TB e o Hd so e usado para armazenamento de arquivos em meu PC mais não estou conseguindo alocar o restante do Hd que não consigo criar novo disco!!!



a standalone (non-raid) drive for desktop computer, that:

1. is meant to run 24/7 (excludes ALL your current desktop drives (blue, green and black drives))

2. has 10+ years warranty at 24/7 online. (excludes all your current offerings)

3. is huge 6TB+


optional, but also nice to have:

4. is quiet and cool and does not vibrate at all.... why would anyone put some vibrating and loud drive to their desktop? ideally everyone would use SSD, if they weren't so small and expensive. Also as I imagine, cooler and less vibrating drives should have naturally longer lifespans.

5. is affordable (Red price level would be nice)


What I am asking for is a storage drive, that lasts forever. I buy one... and need to buy next one when it's full, not because previous one died horribly to crash or started having bad sectors.


ATM using WD Red, although it's designed and otimized for NAS, not desktop. But it's the closest thing in your lineup right now after Red Pro.

Status: Acknowledged

Faster HDD

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-11-2014 01:48 PM

If 2 cylinder blocks use in a drive. User reach to 2 discs speed. Like RAID 0

Status: Acknowledged

Server HDD

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-01-2014 03:18 AM

We have HP Proliant 350p G8 server. Willing to enhance HDD. Can WD6001BKHG support the same? We would also like to know that if we purchase this HDD will the HDD comes with the fitment according to the server. 

Status: Acknowledged
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