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Re: Direct copy from USB to MBLD

Baby steps!!

I really want to know how transfer files through ssh. Can you explain, please?

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Re: Direct copy from USB to MBLD

If you need to know how to enable ssh, check out this thread:


1. Connect the USB to mbld. Make sure it is detected and shown in dashboard. A USB share will be created and shown under Shares.

2. Create a share in mbld that needs to contain USB data. You can do this through the dashboard website.

3. Login to ssh. The USB share will be created at /DataVolume/shares/<usb-drive-share-name>. The share you created to store USB data in mbld will be at /DataVolume/shares/<usb-data-share-name>

4. Here are the steps to copy.

cd /DataVolume/shares

cp -R <usb-drive-share-name>/* <usb-data-share-name>/


5. Voila! The contents of USB drive is now copied to mbld.


Alternatively, you can keep the USB drive connected always. You can still access the files from there. If you have raid1 configuration then this will not have dual copy which can be a downside.


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