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Re: remove share => MBLD is undiscoverable


Basically go the the "Support" section of the UI interface and select "Create and Save" diag report.

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Re: remove share => MBLD is undiscoverable

I worked with WD technical support and this unit is going to be returned to the vendor I bought it from. I'm not going to RMA it because WD is only offering a refurbished replacement. To me, this is not fair treatment considering I paid for a new unit.


I was contacted by 2 different technical support members. One instructed me to replace the ethernet cable and then the router and then to plug the MBLD directly into my computer. In all cases, the unit always fell off the network.


The second member of technical support wanted me to document all models and software versions of everything on my network layout so WD could reproduce this in their labs. I would have agreed to this if I were compensated for my time. The only offer I had was to exchange my newly purchased unit with a refurbished unit. Why would I bother trying to exchange my new unit for someone else's failed when I could easily swap it from the vendor I bought it from?


What is up with members of this forum offering illogical advice (mostly hearsay) and then asking to give them kudos? Is this some type of ego boost for them? I'm sure folks in here with 10+ K posts are surely employees but even their advice is junk.


WD has been a true hassle and I regret buying from them.

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Re: remove share => MBLD is undiscoverable

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you got Kudos from me.  =)  I returned mine and got another one from a retail store. The 2nd one is behaving, but as soon as it acts up it is going to go back to the store.  I would spend more time with their customer "support" but I don't have time to troubleshoot products for them.  When you release to retail you better make sure you have all the bugs worked out.


  This probably costs WD more money than giving me a refurbished, so the logic here is, the more money it costs them, they quicker they will be to fix the problem.  if there is not financial incentive to fix a problem, corporate americe will not invest the $$ to fix the problem.  i am corporate America, I know how it works.  ;-)

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