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No Green LED

My Book Live 2TB Works Fine, but two days ago, the green led is off, but if I restart the unit re others colors works fie, but when the disc is ready is no light. Anybody know the solution??

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Re: No Green LED

Do what I do.


Ignore the light.  Smiley Wink  


Mine apparently went out LONG ago, but I never noticed it... because I don't care.  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: No Green LED

I ignore it to


No lights here too , but everything works between 37and43 MB/sec

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Re: No Green LED

I also lost the green led light. I think it's since the last update firmware on my WD. Hoping the next upgrade will correct that matter. Other than that it work nice & smooth.

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Re: No Green LED

Mine went out some time ago too. But I also noticed that one of the LED's in the back is a solid yellow which, according to the manual, means a slower connection. It is writing, however, since another LED on the back is flashing green.Man Frustrated Today is the first time I have even looked at the Dashboard in almost a year, and I noticed a message that either the network was down or intermittent, and advising that I should check the network connection.Smiley Frustrated Since the My Book Live is recognized by computers, I have no idea what's going on.Smiley Mad

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