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Re: update twonkyserver

Hi Toretto.


Are you saying that WD have updates for our My Book World Edition? Firmaware update or Twonky Server update to 6.0 versions? I've checked the firmware updates and nothing pops up. And it's impossible to update the Twonky 5.1.9 to the last version. If you have updates on the road, please spread the word!!! 

Please keep us updated on that matter. Make your best to solve the Twonky issues please. We need it!



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Re: update twonkyserver



need help Smiley Sad 

i justupgraded to 6.0.34 from 5.1.9, but, no file found in the twonky media.




Cache memory:510 KB
Last database change:01:42:53
Music tracks:0
Trial period
Days left:30
Server uptime:0 days, 0:01:53 hours
Server build date:Jun 23 2011 p0
Server restart pending:no
Network Interfaces:

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Re: update twonkyserver

Is anyone will to help someone who has no experience with linux upgrade twonky via a mac?

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Re: update twonkyserver

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deleted message

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Re: update twonkyserver

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Hello everyone,


I successfully did the upgrade following the instructions here (thank you!), but still have the same problem that it can't find any video (.avi, VOB, etc.) saying 'no playable file'.  Music works fine.  I have checked the share, which is set to 'all', and 'media' in dashboard shows the correct number of videos.


Using MBL and a Sony BX57 (s570) blue ray player.


Many thanks for any ideas where to try next.

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Re: update twonkyserver

Hi guys.

Great to see you've had success upgrading Twonky the My Book Live.

Do these same instructions work for the My Book World Edition (white light)?



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Re: update twonkyserver

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Did the upgrade to 6.0.34 following Handyhands instructions.
Initially all was fine, now 3 folders show up in Twonky>Video:
share (or similar)
and only then the Video sub-folders show

Did everything possible (even quick format of the HDD) with Twonky but always getting those folders back, a bit of a nuisance. Same folder structure on Twonky and on my Samsung Smart TV.


Some of my mkv's are full HD 1920x1080 and didn't play without constant data stream interruptions over my wired (10/100) home network so I used Format Factory to create 1280x720 avi files, works for me.

I'm back to a regular external 2TB WD Elements HDD connected to the Lynksys E4200 router USB port.

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Re: update twonkyserver

I have just started back on this project, after a long vacation from it.


I have sucessfully upgraded to 6.0.32 and applied the license Key for the Twonky server suite that I mistakenly bought for the PC, trying to get the features on the My Book Live to work before I found about about it's incompatibility issues with the DLNA standard


I have now upgraded my system to include a Netgear DLNA compliant gateway, DLNA Compliant Sony Bravia TV, Sony 570 BluRay Disc player.


Still no luck on the Bravia or Blue Ray player and Video files.  I have ASF, AVI, FLV, MPEG2, MP4,  WMV... none work.


But, I had some videos that I had converted using an old Ads Showbiz 2 application that came on a PC I bought in 2005 that play perfectly.


Short of taking a chance and purchasing showbiz and tossing another hundred dollar bil in this hole, doe anyone know of any piece of softwear available to the consumer that will make the Twonky Server (updated) play on Sony Devices?


I also have a Media Center PC connected to the Bravia, and it works flawlessly, whenever it doesn't hide the mouse pointer.


I can attach a drive to the Netgear Gateway, and make my own NAS that is DLNA compliant, but then I have this other 1TB MBL paperweight.  It plays music and shows pictures fine.  It almost works as well as the twonky server on my android phone.  The Satellite receiver has a 1TB drive attached to it also.   I have no doubt that I can run the registerred Twonky server on the Media Center PC, and let it run 24/7 and get closer to what I was hoping for, but really would like to see the MBL do what it was advertised to.


Is anyone aware of any device that can stream video reliably from a MBL running twonky to any DLNA compliant Device?


Maybe I am just getting old.  I started out in the mid 70s whan Personal Computers were large, expensive, and saved to cassette tapes.  A Sugart floppy drive was around $400.00 and held 180 KB.  I have always been able to get hardware and software to do what they were advertised to do.  Sometimes I had to underhaul the setup to make it over come translation issues, but I could make it work.  This, I can't make work. 


I have around 200 video clips that work on Windows Media center.  The network also has a Wii, and XBMC attached, As well as an entry level Magnavox BluRay that is network enabled.  Everything plays music, and shows Pictures.


Video; not so much.


Any Ideas that don't involve starting over with a different choice in DLNA compliant NAS devices???




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Re: update twonkyserver

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Hello all,


I've recently purchasing an NAS WD MBL and like many users here I faced problems playing video files (m2ts) through DLNA with Sony Home Theater Blu-Ray player. I've updated Twonky media server to version 6.0.32 like ggartrelle  says some times ago and with no results. But Twonky just released new version 6.0.37 and followed what ggartrelle posts I've succesfully updated Twonky to latest version 6.0.37 and ... surprise! everything works so fine now.


So, for other ppls with similar problems I advise to update Twonky to version 6.0.37:


good luck.



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Update twonkyserver to 6.0.37

The instruction provided by handyhand are best and most comprehensive. I am just repeating them with a tiny addition and with updated link to TWONKY. P.S. I am using 6.0.37 and all my problems are gone except generation of thumbnails.


1) In your web browser go to your WD My Book Live Local Network Interface at: YOUR MYBOOK LIVE IP ADDRESS/UI (ie:Http://

2) Go to "Settings"

3) Go to "Utilities"

4) Go to "Import/Export Current Configuration", then click "Save Config File".

5) Open saved file with a text editor ie: notepad.

6) In the text file look for "ssh_enable="disabled" and change to "ssh_enable="enabled" and save.

7) Go back to the Import/Export Current Configuration and import the file you just edited. This now enables SSH on your drive for the Putty program to work.

8) To to Setting->Media and turn off TWONKY Service (uncheck enable)

9) Download free Putty SSH software at: Http://

10) Enter the My Book Live IP address ( in the Host Name box in Putty.

11) The username is: root password is: welc0me (the O in welcome is the number ZERO)

12) Just copy and paste the following commands in the terminal:

cd /usr/local/
mv twonkymedia-5 twonky5old
mkdir twonkymedia-5
cd twonkymedia-5
wget Http://
mv /usr/local/sbin/ /usr/local/sbin/

13) After reboot enable the TWONKY service from Settings->Media. You can also confining twenty with LIVE IP ADDRESS:9000 i.e.. Http://

14) If you have a license then put it there to register the 30 day trial version. I can verify that V serial works.

15) Enjoy !


To WD staffs here, while I do understand that releasing a new firmware with a new software version is actually quite a task, considering that we expect a product to work out of the box and not come with a faulty or crippled software, WD should have tallest released a BETA firmware for the people having problem with TWONKY.

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