Remote map of network drive as local

Status: Implemented
by on ‎03-28-2012 03:24 PM
possiblity to map My book Live as a local drive on the pc over the internet using WD 2go.
It should be a desktop application for this and so it should be planned to be released in the future!
such function is provided by buffalo cloudstor (pogoplug)
by Moderator on ‎03-29-2012 08:37 AM
Status changed to: Implemented
by on ‎11-04-2013 11:28 AM

The solution suggested is not a desktop application, it is still web based.  Like Google drive, sugarsync and other cloud solutions there is a app, or startup process that is always running and will automatically provide the mapped or virtual folder without intervention each time the PC is started/restarted.  The current solution does not provide a persistent connection between logins or startups.  If this is to be a true cloud solution that situation must be addressed.

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