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rsync on the WD EX2

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by on ‎10-14-2014 07:49 AM

It woul be nice to have rsync daemon on WD EX2

I have a problem if I try to syncronize the folders between Synology NAS and WD over rsync.

So I need the way to transfer/syncronize the files between NASes without downloading it to my PC. So NAS<->NAS not NAS<->PC<->NAS

As I know, on the older WD Cloud product it's implemented already.

Status: Acknowledged

Dear WD Sharespace team,


For the next firmware release of the WD Sharespace NAS, I would like to urgently request that you improve the built in backup feature by letting users choose MULTIPLE shared folders to be backed up (instead of limiting them to just one).


Being limited to only one folder makes this function almost entirely useless.


In my opinion, a fairly good backup system would have the following features:

a) it allows the user to choose MULTIPLE shares that should be backed up

b) If an external hard drive is attached and the button is pressed, these folders should be transferred to that external drive by some reliable software like RSYNC

c) After the backup, the backup system should perform a BITWISE COMPARE

d) After the entire procedure has been completed, the user should be able to access a sufficiently detailed log of the last backup run in the web gui.


As a business user, I MUST back up some of my data.

But my data is located in several shared folders - not just one.

However, a simple "copy" function is not enough. I need to be able to fully trust a backup - so a bitwise file compare is absolutely essential!


The above mentioned features would keep backups simple (plug in external drive + press button) but would make them reliable so one could trust a backup created by sharespace.


What do you think?

Who else would like an improvement of the backup feature?




Status: Unplanned
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