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Re: Update Twonky on Mybook Live

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by on ‎01-17-2011 01:35 PM - last edited on ‎02-01-2011 10:05 AM by Community Manager Community Manager

I would like a Twonky update for the My Book Live.

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Quotas on MBL

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by on ‎08-23-2011 02:57 PM

Hi, I understand that quotas on shares aren't currently available on the MBL, but does anyone know if there are any plans to allow this in future software releases?

The reason I ask is that I'd love to replace using my Time Capsule for TM backups, but don't want TM to effectively hog the space on my MBL, hence the desire for quotas.


Btw, isn't it about time WD made smartware perform similarly on a mac to a windows machine, as it's basically non-existent for the mac, and despite the software initially installing an icon into my macs' status bar, that has now disappeared and I can't find it on my system to put it back - I've tried reinstalling it from the dvd but the system won't let me as it says it's already installed.




Status: Duplicate Idea
Thanks for the suggestion. I believe this has already been suggested here before and in the forums.

New here, so go easy on me.  I was just thinking that an easy way to back up a WD MyBook Live to another WD MyBook Live would be great (kinda like a duo, but two seperate devices).  Software that could run on the hard drive (not the PC) to automatically back up another drive would be an easy way to do back ups.

Status: Duplicate Idea
The Mybook Live and My Book Live Duo already support this feature. It is called Safepoints.

OneDrive Backup support

Status: Duplicate Idea
by on ‎11-30-2014 07:44 AM

I would definately like the ability to use OneDrive as a backup location now that I have unlimited storage there with my Office 365 subscription.


Anyone else like the idea?

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