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Video support

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by on ‎12-21-2014 03:00 AM
On MyCloud iOS app, I could'nt open many videos : wmv, mkv, avi...

We should be able to open any of them.




Can anyone offer an opinion on any product potentially in development that would resemble a 6 or 8-bay EX4 (lets call them EX6 or EX8) in a similar form-factor as the EX4, only 6 or 8 bays wide, along with upgraded CPU and RAM ?


I do not expect anyone from WD to break ranks by releasing internal plans, however an indication that such a product may become available sometime during 2015 would be useful and avoid my thoughts turning to alternative 5-8 bay products


Why does this matter to me ? I have an EX4 with 4x 4TB WD RED drives, in a single RAID-5 configuration, now more than 80% full with 10-20GB incremental consumed daily


An interim solution would be to upgrade to 4x 6TB ED RED drives either in-situ or in a second EX4, however this leaves me with three areas of concern


(1) the time taken to rebuild a 4x 6TB RAID-5 array

(2) an asymmteric configuration between a 16TB EX4 and a 24TB EX4

(3) what to do with 4 perfectly good 4TB drives ? An EX6 would support these and pair with a 24TB EX4 or an EX8 could accomodate all my 2TB WD RED drives sitting in two againg HP EX490 WHS servers


Mycloud iOS app improvement

Status: New
by on ‎12-21-2014 02:57 AM

In MyCloud iOS app, it could interesting to allow to split screen in 2 parts to see 2 differents documents/pictures/videos at the same times.

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