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by on ‎12-21-2014 03:00 AM
On MyCloud iOS app, I could'nt open many videos : wmv, mkv, avi...

We should be able to open any of them.


It was suggested I put this here:


In the days of DOS the best way to get anything done on a computer was via a batch file. The facility still remains (and much improved) with Windows computers up to and including Win8. It allows you to do everything a GUI program does but  much quicker. I have been using batch files to back up all my personal files since Noah was a boy and until I bought a WD EX4 never had any trouble with any of the commands.


I mostly use the older Xcopy command but occasionally use Robocopy with the /mir argument however on my EX4 currently this  command is refused permission to delete files even though it has no trouble writing files. I also use a ReadyNas and it allows Robocopy to either write or delete files.


Has anybody here used Batch Files to back up? it works well except for the flaw on the EX4  mentioned above. I use two files one to determine which machine to backup to which calls another one to select the folders to be backed up. This is far quicker than any other backup program I have come across.


This file decides which NAS machine to pass the data to, it is called by a normal Windows shortcut (but could be called by the activity timer thingy in Windows):



@echo off

rem get day of month (first two digits)
set mynum=%date:~4,2%

rem get rid of leading zero
SET /A mynum = 100%mynum% %% 100

rem Find if EVEN or ODD result = 0 or 1
SET /A mynum = %mynum% %% 2

if %mynum% == 0 (
echo         Today is EVEN date so Backing Up to ReadyNAS
call ACERUniversalBackup.bat NoPause \\NAS-BCL\
) else (
echo         Today is ODD date so Backing Up to WD EX4 NAS
call ACERUniversalBackup.bat NoPause \\BCLWDEX4\



rem Check if the computer is to be shutdown at the comclusion of the backup
if "%1" == "Shutdown" goto shutdown
goto finnish

echo         Computer is going to shutdown automatically...
call shutdown.exe /s /t 10




The following file copies the data to the approriate NAS. Rather than bore you with the whole thing I have snipped out the repeating detail. Toward the end you can see where I have changed the way it handles the Calibre Library files (epub and meta data) because of the permission problems.


---- Start Batch file ACERUniversalBackup.bat


@echo off
rem          Backing up ACER-PC
rem          %1 = NoPause - if something else batch file will stop for user input
rem          %2 = either \\NAS-BCL\ or \\BCLWDEX4\
rem          Set the parameters
if [%2] == [] goto ending
SET NASDevice=%2
SET NASPath=%NASDevice%backup\
rem          Check NAS is on
if not exist "%NASPath%" goto fin
rem          Set path to include computer name
set NASPath=%NASPath%%computername%
echo         Batch file running:
echo         %0  %2
echo         Backing up Acer Computer files to %2
echo         Checking ACER-PC My Docs...
SET ThisPath=%NASPath%\Documents\
xcopy "%userprofile%\Documents\*.*" "%ThisPath%" /y /d /s /exclude:NASExcludeList.txt



echo         Check Calibre Library...

rem  This needed due to permissions problem on NAS WD EX4
SET ThisPath=%NASPath%\DDrive\Calibre Library

if [%2] == [\\BCLWDEX4\] goto NASEX4
robocopy "D:\Calibre Library" "%ThisPath%" /mir /R:1
goto Contin
xcopy  "D:\Calibre Library\*.*" "%ThisPath%\" /y /d /s
echo         Backup ACER-PC Micro$oft Templates...
SET ThisPath=%NASPath%\Templates\
xcopy "%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\*.*" "%ThisPath%" /d /y /s
echo         Finished Backing up Acer Desktop...
goto ending
echo         WWWWHHHOOOPPPSSS!!!
echo         %2 is NOT turned on...
echo         That's the lot...
echo         Thank you and Goodnight!
if "%1" == "NoPause" goto ending
echo         Ok, it's finished so now you must

----  END Batch file ACERUniversalBackup.bat


Any ideas how to get over this? How can I tell the EX4 to allow deletions? It is very frustrating.


conflict regimes software WD My Cloud EX4

Status: New
by on ‎04-09-2015 07:34 AM - last edited on ‎04-11-2015 11:12 AM by Moderator

Заявка на поддержку: #[Deleted]
Конфликт режимов ПО (две проблеммы):
1. Если задан график отключения питания, но в это время активна сессия передачи данных или с накопителя или в накопитель, то режим отключения питания не дает отработать обмену данных до завершения. Если был активен режим "копирования данных" то он завершается аварийно...

2. Так же в меню есть пункт активности накопителя с максимальным интервалом до 30 минут. Он так же прерывает любые сессии передачи данных если они больше этого интервала (в пункте меню), толи это копирование данных, толи это просмотр потокового видео...

Прошу, Вас, подкорректировать ПО NAS.

С уважением, Эдуард.



Application support: # [Deleted]
Conflict Mode ON (two issues):
1. If you set the schedule power off, but at this time of active sessions or data from your drive or drive, then power down mode does not work out the exchange of data to completion. If you have active mode "copy data" it crashes ...
2. Also on the menu there is an item drive activity with a maximum interval of 30 minutes. He also terminates any session data if they are greater than this interval (in the menu), it felts up data, Toli is streaming video ...
Ask you to correct Software NAS.
Sincerely, Edward.





Can anyone offer an opinion on any product potentially in development that would resemble a 6 or 8-bay EX4 (lets call them EX6 or EX8) in a similar form-factor as the EX4, only 6 or 8 bays wide, along with upgraded CPU and RAM ?


I do not expect anyone from WD to break ranks by releasing internal plans, however an indication that such a product may become available sometime during 2015 would be useful and avoid my thoughts turning to alternative 5-8 bay products


Why does this matter to me ? I have an EX4 with 4x 4TB WD RED drives, in a single RAID-5 configuration, now more than 80% full with 10-20GB incremental consumed daily


An interim solution would be to upgrade to 4x 6TB ED RED drives either in-situ or in a second EX4, however this leaves me with three areas of concern


(1) the time taken to rebuild a 4x 6TB RAID-5 array

(2) an asymmteric configuration between a 16TB EX4 and a 24TB EX4

(3) what to do with 4 perfectly good 4TB drives ? An EX6 would support these and pair with a 24TB EX4 or an EX8 could accomodate all my 2TB WD RED drives sitting in two againg HP EX490 WHS servers


Mycloud iOS app improvement

Status: New
by on ‎12-21-2014 02:57 AM

In MyCloud iOS app, it could interesting to allow to split screen in 2 parts to see 2 differents documents/pictures/videos at the same times.

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