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Blue Light Firmware Update Success Story

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Recently I updated to Firmware Version 2.00.119. Downloading took what seemed an hour and the drive shut down. Never restarted. I restarted it and never got a blue light again. Unresponsive. Rebooted power to no avail. Only after unplugging the drive over night and with a hunch, depressing the buttons up front for several seconds. This technique was taught to me for certain electronic devices in the past in which it would completely drain the power supply and capacitors in the unit and thus completely removing any power or anything held in short term memory. Is this smoke and mirrors? I dont know. Never looked into it. After waiting overnight, I plugged the drive back in and Voila! Blue lights! I logged back into the drive via its IP adress and re-downloaded the firmware. It downloaded and applied the firmware within 3 minutes.


Now, WD support was useless. They knew that my drive was out of warranty, did not assist me whatsoever in troubleshooting and immediately sent me an RMA number for replacement, lose all of my data, and which I would have to buy a new one. Not good enough. Here's the transcription: [Edited]

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Re: Blue Light Firmware Update Success Story

So you got to fix the hard drive, good for you. Smiley Wink

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