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Vista 64 - WD Elements Desktop External 2TB - Detection, Driver and Power problem




My computer system (Intel i7, 12gb RAM, WDC 1tb internal HDD, and 3 external HDD incl. Fantom 1TB, Samsung Story 1.5TB, and WD Elements 2TB) was working fine until I had to reinstall the Vista 64-bit Ultimate OS (SP2) a few days ago.


Since then, my computer system works fine except that the WD Elements 2tb external HDD is not detected by my OS despite multiple attempts at reconfiguring the OS and hardware settings.

For example, I have uninstalled all USB devices, tried different USB connectors (that work with my other external HDD), tried connecting the drive to my Sony Viao laptop with Vista 64-bit OS, etc.

However, the problem continues to persist with this WD Elements HDD, which contains extremely important data for my work (as a physician).


When I put my ear to the WD Elements drive, it seems to power up and I can hear a soft crescendo-decrescendo humming noise (presumably as a consequence of the HDD spinning), which seems unchanged from before (i.e., when it was being detected by my OS).


Upon perusal of multiple posts on tech support websites (including Microsoft, Western Digital, Tom's Hardware, etc.), my problem seems to be not an uncommon one among WD customers, and there are suggestions of inadequate driver support. For some customers, it seems Microsoft referred them to WD and WD referred them back to Microsoft, and this seems to be an ongoing issue.


Of note, this WD website (as of 05/23/2010) states the recommended POWER adapter (for the WD Elements Desktop 1TB or greater) is 12 Volts, 1.5 Amps, and 18 Watts.

However, the power adapter that was included with my brand new drive when I purchased it (on 2/28/2010) is labeled as follows: AC Adaptor Model RK DC 1200750, Made in China, 120V AC, 60Hz, and 16 Watts.

I am not sure if this apparent discrepancy in WATTS is related to my problem somehow. Should I go ahead and purchase a 18 Watt power adapter and see if the drive works?


In any case, I am concerned that there may be inadequate support for this specific ongoing problem with the WD Elements external HDD. I would greatly appreaciate a solution and any advice for accessing my data from this drive (instead of the routine answer of replacing the drive under warranty).


I have been a loyal WD customer (since 1985) and I remain optimistic that my institution and I shall continue to depend on the quality of WD HDD as we have for many years.


Thank you in advance for your time and help.





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Re: Vista 64 - WD Elements Desktop External 2TB - Detection, Driver and Power problem

Have you tried removing the Drive from the enclosure and seeing if the enclosure is causing a problem. I guess also you have tried it on another system and on other USB ports? If the enclosure is not working correctly and the drive is out of warrantly you can get a new one for under $10.

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Re: Vista 64 - WD Elements Desktop External 2TB - Detection, Driver and Power problem

One of the issues could be the power adapter. The drive that you have should use an 18W adapter. When you reinstalled the OS, was the drive attached to your system? If so, then the drive may have been erased. Whenever an OS is installed any external drive will need to be disconnected because the Windows install may erase any drives that are attached to it. Another thing that you can check is Disk Management. This way we can tell if the drive is recognized by the system. If it is recognized, what does it say about the drive and what color is the bar?

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