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Re Allocated Sector Count

I am working on a clients computer, they dropped it and now it will not boot into Windows.

The drive is an WD1600BEVT from an Acer Aspire 5532. 

When I run the WD diagnostics software, it reports the below attributes with an asterick beside it :

Smart Attributes:

ID         Name                                                       Value       Thresh   Worst

5           Re Allocated Sector Count                  29            140          29


When I install the drive into another system;

Drive is not accessible. The disc structure is corrupted or unreadable.


First of all, there is some valuable data (Pictures) on this drive is it recoverable???

Could I use the WD Acronis and clone the drive???


Can I repair this drive by performing a low level format???




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Re: Re Allocated Sector Count

If you do a low level format that will completely delete any files, since the information appears to be corrupted you can use a data recovery program. Try using recuva to see if it recognizes the corrupted files.

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