Universal automatic diagnostics software for both external an internal WD drives.

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by ‎05-11-2011 07:26 PM - edited ‎05-16-2011 05:00 PM

I think that WD and its customers would benefit from a Unified automatic diagnostics tool running in the background and constantly checking and reporting back to the user the status of the drives in real time. Take an anti-virus as an example as it keeps scanning the computer and pops-up an alert if a threat is found.


Why? Because not everyone has the time, basic knowledge and software required to test a drive for errors, faults and overall health. Since you (WD) deal with a considerable amount of Customers that are not computer literate and don't know how to backup their files, it's best to note that such a tool would Decrease the volume of people who lose data because of not knowing or having an idea of overall drive health. If they are warned in time, then they could take the data out if they don't have a backup.


Additionally, having separate tools that are drive-specific does not help us customers. DLG does not work with most Smartware drives and when Smartware doesn't want to work then the customer is forced to look for other software since there are no more options from WD. Also, most casual consumers (You know it's a high number, just look here on the forums) would  not know how to run the test on their own, that's why it has be automatic and unified for internal and external drives. Make it a default tool, it could be useful for your Tech Support agents as well if it's accurate.


And lastly, the tool needs be user friendly while being able to provide support on its own. It needs to be able to identify and Differentiate between hardware problems and logical (firmware) problems to give the user an idea of what's wrong with the drive. For example, some times the drive's partition does not mount in Windows, not even on disk management and can't be used at all, yet, the drive tends to be listed on -device manager- on Windows when this happens. Letting the user know why this is happening (Or if could have been prevented) will prevent a lot of headaches in the future.


And lastly, the tool needs to translate the testing attributes in a way that even no-brainer would understand. Showing what are the test parameters and giving an "Estimated usable life expectancy" based on the tests that it's always checking and telling the user.


It doesn't have to be a new software, you could just improve DLG to add these features and of course, avoid the same software bloat problem that Smartware has. I understand that a software that runs in the background takes resources out, by my anti-virus NEVER peaks above 10% of CPU usage, so there's no excuse for bloating here... Specially since this software won't be copying files.


A big lot of consumers take your slogan "Put your life on it" quite literally, why not helping them keep their lives safe? What do you think?

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by on ‎05-13-2011 02:43 PM

Beautiful idea anything automatic would make the software a whole lot simpler.

by on ‎05-13-2011 05:50 PM

I think it's a good idea too. Some of these posters get lost if they have to do more than turn the PC on and off!


by on ‎05-13-2011 09:37 PM

Thank you guys! Let's hope for more users to see and vote, and luckily WD will deliver.

by ‎05-14-2011 05:48 AM - edited ‎05-14-2011 05:54 AM

Hi guys,


I was just thinking in some issues that WD may have with this.. Hahaa, maybe they'll think about them and keep DLG hahahaha Smiley Happy.


-A software constantly monitoring drive's activity could mean more drive failures (More trouble for WD) (More replacements). The software by mistake may report a minor error which would not need  a replacement. However, no-brainier users will replace the drive immediately.


-I've read several posts about SmartWare consuming CPU resources. The new story will be: Diagnostic software eating all my computer resources. And, ''Diagnostic software did not tell me that the drive was bad, its WD's fault... And so on and on.  ''Unified automatic diagnostics tool running in the background'', that scares.


-''Estimated usable life expectancy''. Someone will say ''I purchased this drive 2 days ago and its only showing 10 days and/or some % of usable life by your software'' What???!!!.. More and more trouble, more and more angry people in the community. Less and less money for WD hahaha. ATT: WD : I hope you give me a compensation for the last sentence. hahaah.. Was just a joke. Nonetheless, it would be great haha Smiley Happy.


-''pops-up an alert if a threat is found''. Receiving pops-up while watching your favorite movie is not funny. They will need to know how to control that.


Overall, it sounds like a good idea for us (endusers). But WD may be scare about this. . .  I would recommend to improve DLG. Will consume less time, less money and even better, less trouble...





by ‎05-16-2011 02:50 PM - edited ‎05-16-2011 03:14 PM

I understand that WD has enough complaints of software bloat with Smartware, so mentioning that it needs to be optimized is kinda obvious. my antivurs never peaks above 10% at full use, so software bloat has no excuse. Specially since this software is not copying files, just checking drive status.


Also, I note to WD "Make it a default tool, it could be useful for your Tech Support agents as well." In order for WD to use it a default tool they rely and trust, then by definition it has to be accurate. So it needs to give a real expectancy, even if it displays 2 days left out of the box, that number better be real. If there a lot of reports of drives with low expectancy out of the box when the software is working properly, then it can help WD find out if there's a problem somewhere else, like in the handling or the retailer.


When you're watching a movie full-screen, most media players do not allow a pop-up message to overpose over playback, if yours does then get another one Smiley Tongue


But yeah, Gabthemonster, it doesn't need to be a new software, WD could just improve DLG and add these features. I'll edit my original post to add it.

by on ‎05-16-2011 03:20 PM



I agree with you PizzaMatrix, I think it will best for WD to improve DLG and add the features that you've mentioned previously.


Smiley Happy


Once again, great idea my friend!

by on ‎05-16-2011 03:40 PM

Thank YOU for helping me improve it, now let's hope for more people to vote for all's sake.  =)

by on ‎07-20-2011 07:21 AM

WELL done PAZZAMATRIX hope it does no go to deaf EARS.

by on ‎07-20-2011 07:25 AM

Another  improvement is the issue with the WD Media Liberay.. Something must be done to this issue as it is an enigma to stay Clearing the Media Liberary evertime you add to the WD TV Hub internal hard drive. 

by Moderator on ‎10-05-2011 03:05 PM
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