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I understand the intent of SmartWare to assist the average user in backing up critical files on their computer.  However, for the experienced/professional user they should be able to delete the Smartware from the drive and recover the lost diskspace and disable the VCD in the firmware.  We resell thes drives and expected to have the advertised storage space on the drives.  The expectation was to connect the drive to any computer which would recognise it as a standard storage device.  We have already had several clients return the drives and this is creating an issue.

Status: Implemented


Status: Implemented
by on ‎08-25-2010 08:32 AM

I would like to be able to access files from my Android mobile device. My Android browser does not use Java's .class files; rather, it recognizes .dex files. Any development in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Status: Implemented
We've released WD2go. It's iPhone and Android based.

SmartWare Enhancement: Less Restrictive Backups (Must Have for Software Developers!)

Status: Implemented
by ‎03-23-2010 05:44 PM - edited ‎06-25-2011 08:21 AM

 It's been over a year since this was posted and WD is going to implement it!  Thanks everyone for all your comments and suggestions!  I hope we get what we want in the next release! Smiley Very Happy




Original Post:

Others may have started a post about this but I haven't seen anything get pushed up so thought I'd start my own and see if my title got people's attention better.


I am a developer and have many .bat, .exe, .log, and tons of other files that are not backed up because SmartWare will not do it as explained in ANSWER ID3644. Any person that uses their computer for more than personal media and office documents will have this problem. I'd greatly appreciate it if no extensions where excluded at all. Only backing up the types of files that WD thinks I should back up makes me have to use another product to do my backups. As a user I want to know that SmartWare is backing up everything in a directory that I tell it to. System data and hidden files I understand but what about all those other files types that WD didn't account for that it excludes!? I don't want to have to look through my backup to make sure it backed up the files I wanted Smiley Sad


There are many ways to fix this:

     1. Whenever anyone selects Other in Detailed View for backups have Other actually include everything else regardless of file type.

     2. Provide a checkbox that says something like "Exclude Unsafe File Types".  If this is unchecked then all those binary files we programmers made for ourselves or work can get backed up Smiley Happy

     3. Provide a new screen that allows a user to customize their own constraints.


Please, please give some kudos to this!  It's the only thing keeping me from relying on SmartWare for my backups.  You just can't trust backup software that backs up the file types it thinks you need.  Come on developers click KUDOS!




Status: Implemented
The latest version of SmartWare allows for backing up of files and folders.

I did a full backup of my C; drive and "SmartWare" missed ALL of my itunes music files. These files are nowhere to be located - not under music/other/movies/etc. These files were in the itunes default folder - Documents and Settings/All Users/Shared Documents/My Music/iTunes. How stupid can WD be for this programming error??????


Also the "Smartware" software does not backup ANY .exe files, even if it is not a system file and is in the My Documents folder as far as I can see. Thus the WD drives are not a viable backup option using "Smartware".  Many of us have .exe files from software we downloaded and need to save. This needs to be corrected by WD.

Status: Implemented
For what you're trying to do the latest version should work. It will back up files and folders.

WD 2go and WD Photos for BlackBerry

Status: Implemented
by on ‎11-05-2012 08:33 PM

I have a few suggestions for improvement for the WD 2go app for the BlackBerry OS.

1) the ability to view photos in landscape.

2) the ability to see a list of photos with thumbnail (much like the iPhone app)

3) the ability to see album covers when viewing and playing music.

4) auto upload of photos taken with the phone to the WD 2go app

There is a WiFi sync option, however, I am unable to verify what is being synced.

5) upgrade of the app to 2.0

6) WD Photos app for the BlackBerry OS.

7) Both apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Hope the list is clear and not too long.


Status: Implemented

Encryption Software Review

Status: Implemented
by on ‎12-12-2010 05:31 PM

I think there needs to be a thorough review of the encryption software. There are numerous posts where people have not set a password but are suddenly prompted for one. It doesn't seem to be a rare problem either. Since there is no way to reset many people have lost valuable data and are very upset. Some of these have occurred after firmware updates. That area also need to be tested much better before releasing to public. You should be really embarassed  that a firmware update for Mac was released that needs to be run on a Windows PC to work.


Status: Implemented
This issue has been fixed in the latest SmartWare version

I bought a 3TB My Book  to use solely for backing up my NAS. I was disappointed to learn that the SmartWare application does not support a network drive as a backup source. Nowhere in the description of the item does it mention lack of network drive support as a source.


Please highly consider adding this feature to future versions of SmartWare. I should not be forced to write a script to perform a simple job that your application can easily be updated to perform.

Status: Implemented
WD SmartWare currently supports Western Digital Personal Cloud Storage (NAS) Devices, and WD routers.

Lets say there's a case:  


-  i copied a wrong file from a USB drive into my Laptop.. then i delete it


- i downloaded a wrong file into my download folder.. then i also delete it



amazingly WD SmartWare Backup has finished copying a backup file for those file in my WD My Book Studio (running in background)


but, what if i dont want those wrong file(s) to be backed up? or maybe in other users cases it will create unwanted duplicate files inside My Book Studio.. then it will save more space on our backup drive



So, i think it would be great if SmartWare Backup creates / show a delete confirmation when we delete a certain file(s).


"There is a backup file created with this entry. Would you like to delete it also?"

"Would you like to delete On your computer or include backup file?" "Choose: On My Computer or Both"


This feature requires advance user settings, just to prevent user to accidentally delete both.. well, as long as we do not Empty Trash or Empty Recycle Bin Smiley Tongue


Hope this would be usefull for WD user experience


Status: Implemented

Smartware is designed to be a continuous backup program, but you have the option to explore the backup folder (Smartware.swstor) and delete any file.


Smartware Improvements

Status: Implemented
by on ‎10-30-2012 09:43 AM



Smartware Improvements:


1. If my hard drive crash, I will have to replace it, reinstall, and restore the backup, since smartware will think it is a new computer it will not recognize the backup and so I cant restore it using the Smartware interface, can you please add an option to load a previous backup? To recognize an existing backup even if it is from another computer?


2. An option to clean all the file versions, if the above scenario happends, I can just map the smartware partition and get all the mess that is there, all the files plus the thousands files version and them spend some hours to make a cleanup of the file versions, I would like to have an option to delete all the previous file versions.


3. Ability to delay the CDP, it seems that Smartware continous data protection detects a new file and immediatly sends it to the backup, I would like to have an option to set to only backup after a few minutes/hours so I can have time to organize my files


Thank you

Status: Implemented
1-From the Smartware retrieve tab you have the option to restore the files to a specific location on a new PC. 2-From the retrieve tab you can select the option to only restore the latest version of each file. 3-Smartware is a continuous backup program, but you have the option to explore the backup folder and delete the files that you don't need.

Device management

Status: Implemented
by on ‎10-28-2012 05:47 PM

I am not sure if you have this but I can't find it as of yet.; but create a login so that we can enter what devices we have logitech does it. and then we can get updateds and info from your site when we want. I am trying to get wdlink form my mac not sure if you have that either. actually your downloads page is pretty tough to navigate might as well fix all this. WD is not the only one all maufacturers have this problem that is why so many people love mac computers and periferals. they are seamless. that is their forcus. SEEMLESS. and anyone who hates them is absolutly without a doubt, flat out TOO BROKE TOO BUY APPLE PRODUCTS! SO PLEASE SHUT IT UP! I know ill hear from them go buy an apple tv and you'll feel better about yourself you can get  those mowing lawns.


anyways my 2


Status: Implemented
Login to the Portal and register all of your WD devices.

Smartware - Multiple Users

Status: Implemented
by on ‎10-02-2012 01:38 PM

Smartware under Windows 7 in Catagory Mode currently only backs up the files of the USER that started

smartware . On computers where their are multiple accounts it would be very useful to have the option

of including some or all users of the computer - I want something simple and can't be bothered using

File mode and working out which files to back up.

(Maybe someone is going to tell me that Smartware should already be backing up all users and that its apermissions problem on my computers,, i've looked but not spotted an issue , and in file mode I can selectothers users files and back them up !)  

Status: Implemented
To backup multiple users on the same computer, log in to the user account you would like to backup, open Smartware and click on the start backup program.
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