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Smartware or windows 7 backup

New pc has windows 7 and wants to backup to an external drive including a system image. Is it possible to delete the software from WD and only use the windows backup or must I continue to use the Smartware backup or both?

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Re: Smartware or windows 7 backup

Smartware can be uninstalled (or not installed in the first place) if you have no wish to use it.


You can use any backup program you wish.


It does also depend on what you're trying to back up.  If you already have your system files and programs backed up, and just want to safely store your personal documents, then you're who Smartware was designed for.  AFAIK it won't backup programs or any other system files, so you'd have to be using something else for a system backup beyond Smartware anyways.

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Re: Smartware or windows 7 backup

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There are some free backup programs depending on what you want to back up. There is this one I use the paid version  Paragon has one There is Macrium Reflect free Alway have your data on more than one physical drive



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