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WD My Passport Essential - Firmware Update Failed - Initio Default Controller :(

Hello all


Sorry to post the same question that 1000 other people have previously asked (Yes I have read the threads) but I am still struggling.


I have a WD My Passport Essential (WDBAAA5000AD2) and I am running Windows 8.


Yesterday I decided to update the firmware on the drive. The update failed and now my computer detects the drive as Initio Default Controller.


I have read lots of threads that say simply update the firmware again. However when I run the firmware update I get this message: "WD Firmware Updater is unable to determine the appropriate firmware for your drive".


Any help would be much appreciated.


It is frustrating as before I attempted the firmware update, the drive was working fine. I will remember the old motto in future......if it ain't broke.....dont fix it!




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Re: WD My Passport Essential - Firmware Update Failed - Initio Default Controller :(

If the firmware update fails, it might damage your hard drive, I would contact tech support on this one to see if something else can be done. 



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