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EXT3-fs warning in dmesg

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i got a 4 TB Sharespace Drive wich has gone in read only the dmesg show this :


EXT3-fs warning (device dm-0): ext3_clear_journal_err: Filesystem error recorded from previous mount: IO failure
EXT3-fs warning (device dm-0): ext3_clear_journal_err: Marking fs in need of filesystem check.
EXT3-fs warning: mounting fs with errors, running e2fsck is recommended


any hints how i can resolve this ?


The NAS is running on 2.2.91 with MioNet



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Re: EXT3-fs warning in dmesg

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Sounds like data corruption to me.... What if you restore it to factory defaults or rebuild the RAID to clean it? Remeber any of the 2 will erase the data.

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