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Some AD User can connect, some cannot, why?

Hi All,


we have a WD Share Space and already running about 5 months,

our WD is configured using Active Directory.

at first we have no issues within the device.

but start on late Dec 2011, we have weird issues, as follow:

1. Some user (Active Directory users) cannot connect to file-share using Windows Explorer. No issue with the username and password on Active Directory, since they can connect to AD using the same credential. However, some user have no issues at all. Do you have any similar problem like this before?

2. At some point, user (if not already connected to WD before) cannot connect to the fileshare, is there any limitation on maximum number of connection to the WD?


I already successfuly upgrade the firmware to 2.3.01  version, the issues still there.

please help.





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Re: Some AD User can connect, some cannot, why?

Yup, there are some limitations


Check this article

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