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by on ‎04-09-2012 02:39 AM



I have spent a few weeks getting used to my new TV Live streaming player, and it seems to be missing a few pretty basic functions (from someone who has been using software players - mainly winamp, for years).

The media player seems quite good at managing video files, however music seems a little half done.


My ideas are as follows (* indicates high priority - i.e. without this I will probably return to a PC based player):


  • When searching, be able to add a search result to the queue with one button press (currently, there is no way to do this that I can determine - you can only play from search results which interrupts the queue when playing)*;
  • Include the ability to add whole folders (including subfolders) to the queue using one button press*;
  • Add ability to assign a 'queue this' button to a user defined button on the remote (needed for top two ideas)*.
  • Add improved functionality for moving/removing items in the queue such as one button file delete, move and an option to clear the entire queue;
  • Add the ability to save the queue as a playlist;
  • Add the ability to load playlists (either created using TV live or externally) into the queue;
  • add some sort of playlist creation ability (see two ideas above)*;
  • Add setting to power down external HDD after x number of hours; and
  • Add setting to enable automatic playback (of the queue or a specific playlist for example) when turning the unit on.

I would really appreciate if some or all of these ideas could be addressed in a future firmware update, as currently the unit is unuseable for me as a music player.



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by on ‎04-27-2012 04:28 AM

I agree with all these requests and to me the most important is adding a folder and subfolders to the queue with a one button request.

by on ‎09-29-2012 12:31 PM

Can't agree more. Obviously the music listener where completely ignored by the designers of this device.


Browsing an Artist should lead you to all it's albums instead of all it's songs!

The "queue this" button is a great idea... or at least: the song shouldn't start by pressing on "OK", it should open the options menu instead. The only "Play" button should start a song in the library.


Finally: what the **bleep** is up with Netflix... You screw it up once in a while, it becomes slow as is "impossible to use"-slow. And it stays like that for weeks.

by on ‎10-04-2012 08:48 AM

Can't be more agree with this!

Basically I've bought this to listen my music on the Home T. with a remote... but to make a queue list is horrible Smiley Sad


I was thinking too in a few ideas:

- Graph eq on screen, at least while playing the music the screesaver were a graph eq..

- continuous tracks implementation (a live record with nonminipause between tracks)

- mixte feature, for example on a queued list mix the last seconds of the actual track with the next one, like a radio mix (tons of Winamp plugins does that)

by Moderator on ‎09-26-2013 12:14 PM
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