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by on ‎11-27-2011 07:44 AM

Each time a different song starts, the screensaver searches the folder that the song is located in and shows pictures relevant to the artist or album for that song.


What you would see happen:


-Song starts and the now playing screen shows you the current song information for x number of seconds. During this time the screensaver is searching the folder for .jpg files.


-The screensaver starts and shows the pictures from that folder for the duration of the song.


-At the end of the song, the screensaver stops showing now playing screen again.


-Next song starts playing and screensaver searches new song folder for .jpg files and plays them after x number of seconds.


Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎11-27-2011 11:54 AM

This could be a useful feature.

by on ‎11-27-2011 12:48 PM

How come my player doesn't have this cool "feature"?  Interesting that you posted it in an "Ideas" forum rather than one of the others.


Kidding aside, your player seems "confused" and may benefit from a reboot.  So, turn it off via the remote, then umplug it for 30 secs.  When you plug it back in it will start up again, and maybe the feature will disappear.  Let us know if it does.

by on ‎11-27-2011 04:02 PM

Mike, my player doesn't do it either. But I would like it to. That's why I posted it in the ideas forum

by on ‎11-28-2011 02:13 AM

OK, I get it now; you made a suggestion, not a complaint that your WDTV was actually doing this. 

Nevermind . . . .  


Actually, my Roku does something like this; it shows the album art while playing my music, so yea, WDTV ought to do this, too.  It also turns the radio station logo into a floating screensave picture instead of the basic Roku screen save logo.


Well, I'll say it again:   If I could combine the best of Roku and of WDTV, I would have a heck of a media player!  First company to do so:  WINS!


I wish the WDTV had a way to turn down the brightness of the boring WD logo.  Actually, I listen all day to my iTunes music, TuneIn Radio, etc. with the TV off!  Easy to do by taking the analog audio out and send it to an input to the amp.  Why burn out the TV if only listening to music?  Of course, an HDMI cable takes audio from WD to TV  and then amp, too.  I have it either way.

by on ‎12-08-2011 09:01 AM

this would be beneficial when playing pandora or other music services.  Not just user supplied music.  Instead of the WD logo floating around place the song information in there.... when pandora changes songs i look up and see the WD logo floating around.

by Staff on ‎03-05-2012 04:04 AM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-25-2012 06:05 AM

doesn't matter which screensaver is running, show in the bottom left / right corner a (50%?) transparent text field:


(radio station / local file)



Album - year

by ‎02-25-2014 09:16 AM - edited ‎02-27-2014 02:37 PM

not a bad idea. (i moved the rest of my post to a new topic as it wasn't really the same thing)

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