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More Live Streaming Channels for UK Users

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by on ‎02-08-2013 01:57 PM



I know this has probably already been mentioned a lot but just in case i thought i would start a new idea on it.


My WD TV Live will be complete if i had:



Channel 5

itv Player


These channels are basic catchup services and are available on most streaming devices, i read a thread from last year asking for this so am shocked it still hasnt been implemented.



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Bookmarking on You Tube

Status: Duplicate Idea
by on ‎02-21-2012 06:04 AM

Forgive me if this is already possible.


I am not a fan of You Tube generally and don't want to watch cats playiing tennis or budgies solving complex equations but there is a lot of good material from Channel 4 (UK).


I can access this easily on my PC at but cannot work out how to get this on my WD.


Is there a way of doing this, and if not can a mechanism be added.  It seems like a good service and a fairly quick win.



Status: Duplicate Idea
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