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Something that has been mentioned in previous ideas/bug reports is the problem that occurs when you have a movie that is split into two or more files (a.k.a CDs). This causes many users not to want to use the folder structure where all movie files are in one big folder, seeing as you get two or more of the same movie in the list.


I have a simple very solution for this. If you add a parameter to the .xml-file that is created when looking for content information, named something like <playlist>, or whatever you find best suited, we could add entries manually that would account for this. Say I have a movie divided into three parts called "movie.cd1.avi", "movie.cd2.avi" and "movie.cd3.avi". If I get the info by using the content manager on "movie.cd1.avi" I could later add two rows to the xml manually on my computer;



This addition would accomplish two very important things;


  1. It would play all three files after each other if you start playing the "recognized" movie.
  2. It would hide "movie.cd2.avi" and "movie.cd3.avi" from the list, making it much easier for people to abandon the old school folder structure where all movies have separate folders.

By making this addition, the WDTV only has to add the ability to detect these parameters in the XML-file, NOT be able to detect and add the files automatically in the XML when scraping for content information. This would be a 100% voluntary addition from the user's point of view, that you would not have to support in any way at all.


Thank you in advance!

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