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exFAT support for WD TV Live HUB

Please support exFAT FS in some of the upcoming firmwares.
NTFS with its features like QUOTA and Shadow Copy is not intend to be used on USB sticks.

exFAT is great evolution of FAT32 which can hardly be used nowadays on drivers with space equal to tens of GBs. Especially you should to consider that WD TV Live HUB is a media player, hence files on USB sticks will be often bigger than 4GB FAT32 limitation.

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Re: exFAT support for WD TV Live HUB

His, this idea was already proposed in the WD TV ideas section, so lets hope they make it happen.

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Re: exFAT support for WD TV Live HUB

Problem with exFAT is the hefty licensing costs.


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