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'play to' not working on windows 7 'wd tv live hub'

I have a wd tv live hub and I have 2 windows 7 x64 sp1 laptops. The 'play to' feature on works on laptop A but does not on laptop B. The 'play to' feature actually enables you to play your music/ movies on your big screen via the wd live hub from the laptop. 

On the non working laptop, it shows the busy circle and gives up after a minute without any error message.Check the screenshot-
The working laptop is a clean install with no third party programs installed.
-I've tried the following on the non working laptop-
disabling the firewall and auto-protect feature of Norton Internet security 2012
-Creating a new user profile
Both of the above haven't worked. My next steps would probably be a clean boot or a complete uninstall of Norton.
Just wanted to know if anyone has been through this before and if you've managed to get around the problem.
A complete uninstall of Norton or a clean boot has not worked.
Wondering if vlc player could be a problem here
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Re: 'play to' not working on windows 7 'wd tv live hub'



Can you access the problematic computer as a shared resource from the hub?


There are some settings that might need to be tweaked but not that familiar with "play to"


I just access the files as a media server or shared folders on my computer

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