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Hulu Desktop to WD TV Live

There is alot of talk trying to get Hulu to stream to the WD TV Live, but I would be happy with a server program that can stream from my PC to the WD TV Live (thats all I do with my WD TV Live anyway).


PlayOn is Windoze only and is not free, so that is not an option.  Is there a linux equivalent or has anybody tried the Hulu Desktop out?


I don't want to be like everyone else sitting around waiting for the Boxee box by D-Link to come out.....but so far I am.

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Re: Hulu Desktop to WD TV Live

Hi mega_mike,


I was lamenting the same myself for a few weeks and through trial-and-error have found the easiest and by far the most reliable to be Samba.  I have a Fedora 12 machine running Samba with Share Level security and it's worked great.  Streaming HD .mkv files without missing a beat.  I have the Fedora machine wired to my router, then the WD TV Live running over wireless with a D-Link DWA-140.  Everything else I tried was just too complicated - Samba was 5 minutes work to set up and use.


To be honest, I was shocked at how well it actually worked!


I hope this of some use to you - good luck!

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Re: Hulu Desktop to WD TV Live

You might try getting playon running under whine or something like virtual box .


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