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Re: Resolution only 720 x 480

enko2974,  the problem you're having is what many of us are having.  Despite my display being HDCP compliant. Hopefully WD will come up with a fix for this.

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Re: Resolution only 720 x 480

greetings from germany,


since thursday i am owner of the box too.


now i´ve got the same problem with my acer full hd projector.


the wdtv problems resolution 1080 24p.


wdtv live 720x480...this is bad.


but i have no dvi ---> hdmi cable, it´s a normal 1.3b cable from vivanco.


please, fix  this terrible bug.



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Re: Resolution only 720 x 480

pleeease, fix  this  bug


all, click star noticed the problem to tech support.

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Re: Resolution only 720 x 480

I have the same problem and the support people advised me that the cable could be faulty. However, I have found that the problem is in the instrument itself and not the cable or the TV. The instrument does not register the type of connection if it is already plugged into the TV. If you unplug the cable and plug it in again, it registers the resolution of the TV and works fine. So, this is the best way to work around it. It is a bug in the system and WD will have to fix it.

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