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Usb Keyboard on the WDTV Live

Hi..  I have a thought witch i want to share with you.. Is it possible to connect a usb keyboard on the WDTV Live..?  I f it can be then we could easily add a wireless keyboard on the WDTV Live..

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Re: Usb Keyboard on the WDTV Live

NOPE.  i tried a Dell usb keyboard (plugged into top of WDTV LIVE).  it lit up, but did not work while using Youtube search.


sure was hoping for it, much easier than the a-z keyboard layout and remote buttons.

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Re: Usb Keyboard on the WDTV Live

Not possible using the official firmware, but I think it's possible with B-Rad's homebrew firmware. I don't know if it works with the interface though.

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