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Not Everyones Thing But.....

I have found the WDLive TV far more efficient and more productive just using and external USB HD or USB Stick to read and watch files, faster and a lot better than messing around with connection to your PC.


Chucking a mirror image on an external USB drive not only gives you a back up but you also do not have to double your electric use having a PC running as well.


Just a thought and basic observation but it is working very well for me this way.



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Re: Not Everyones Thing But.....

Of course you will have better performance using USB, however having it connected to your network let you access Internet Services as a well as content you may already have in your computers or NAS.

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Re: Not Everyones Thing But.....

Agree; having all options available is ideal, and yes, accessing one's media from the WD-attached hard drive is best for all the obvious reasons.

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