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WD TV Live & Domain Laptop

Hello All, I apologize if this question has been beaten to death. I tried searching but couldn't find a solution. I have a work laptop which is part of a domain say "COMPANY_DOMAIN". I have my personal laptop & WD TV Live (purchased just yesterday) part of WORKGROUP say "MSHOME". I am able to share a folder from my personal laptop which WD TV Live can see however, I am not able to share a folder from my work laptop and make that available to WD TV Live. I am able to ping both my personal laptop & WD TV Live from the work laptop. I see one of the solution would be to remove the work laptop from the domain and join it to the home workgroup but then it won't connect to my office network the next day. Is there a simple way through which I can play movies or music from work laptop that would be visible to WD TV live. Thanks for your responses.
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Re: WD TV Live & Domain Laptop

As far as I know if the work laptop and the WDTV are not part of the same workgroup they cannot see each other, but maybe someone else knows a way.

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