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WDTV LIVE with Slingbox attached TIVO

I just installed my WDTV Live and it connects easily to my Phillips DSR7000 DirecTV TIVO with Slingbox.  However, I cannot access the DVR part of the control over the WDTV Live.  When I press the blue button, the DVR icon is GRAY...


How can I play my NOW SHOWING recordings off of my TIVO?


BTW -- If I had the Peanut style DirecTV remote, would the WDTV Live retransmit the IR signals from that Remote to my Slingbox attached device?



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Re: WDTV LIVE with Slingbox attached TIVO

First, you're in the wrong forum.


The correct forum for the WDTV Live SMP you have is here:


You'll need to change the profile for the device on the Sling website to use the correct remote.


I have a Non-DirecTV Tivo (a Premiere Elite) and the DVR button is correctly mapped.


And, no, the WDTV doesn't retransmit remote commands.



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Re: WDTV LIVE with Slingbox attached TIVO

I have the same problem.  The DVR  option is disabled. Is there a way to map the custom keys? If so, I may be able to map the TiVo key. 

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