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Are there any Themes that use the Default Thumbgen Moviesheet?

I'm quite fond of the default Thumbgen Moviesheets and I was wondering if there were any themes that supported using them? This is what I'm talking about:




Am I being a complete noob here? I've just started using Thumbgen and messing around with changing the stock look of my WDTV Live Hub. For reference here is what my Videos folder in the root of my WDTV Live Hub looks like.


Videos Folder.jpg


This works fine for thumbnails in the stock Moche theme but I'd like to take advantage of moviesheets. So far everything I've seen has to be custom made for a theme and cant use the default Thumbgen templates. I'd also like to stay on the latest firmware but from what I've been reading it seems like I'm going to have to downgrade.


Sorry for all the noob questions but I'm still learning :-P.

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Re: Are there any Themes that use the Default Thumbgen Moviesheet?

Don't really mess around a lot with themes, you might want to PM JoeySmyth or DeVicious.

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Re: Are there any Themes that use the Default Thumbgen Moviesheet?

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Hi Bleedorang3, i been meaning to get back to your questions on this thread.


Yes of course you can use any moviesheet you want as long as you use the correct theme or modify a theme yourself.



The main method of using your own moviesheets is to use local backdrops,



So for example with DeVicious or my themes you can use your own moviesheets.......


One quick tip, to use a full screen moviesheet you should have your movies in their own individual folders, and use something like my coverflow theme...


if you want to have all your files in one folder then you will need to use a sheet style moviesheet, and a sheet theme ie one without any info on the bottom part so that the thumbnails can show there... Hope that makes sense



i do have some other themes that are still work in progress that i have not released yet....


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Re: Are there any Themes that use the Default Thumbgen Moviesheet?



first of all welcome to the board Smiley Happy

technically these movie sheets will work with the most themes

but visually the thumbnails (covers) will overlap with the info flags on the bottom, and this should account for all themes.

These sheets were probably designed for the "View Info" function in the options menu.


My theme or any other theme that I know has the covers on the bottom

And for that matter the sheets you have generated will most likely not look good with any theme out there


other than that there is Tinwarbles Mojo & Darklight, Extreme Digital themes, mine and many others.


Black Mamba 1.3 Gallery View

Your Kudos for my themes and support are appreciated, thank you
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