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In the Dashboard (EX 2) it is possible to successfully create user names with capital letters (wich is NOT supported).  If you log off, it will change all letters to small ones, without anyone being notified. -> Problem while loging in


This problem is already known to WD support.

Quote: " In fact, when you create the user name with the capital letters, once you save the change, it will revert all capital letters back to small letters. Therefore, it is not possible to login with the user name containing the capital letters.


If you change the user name "admin" to e.g. "AAAdmin", once you save the change, it reverts back to "aaadmin", Therefore, when you want to log in back to Dashboard, you have to log in with the user "aaadmin" and not "AAAdmin".


Possible Solution:

- Accept user names with capital letters or

- Display an error message when trying to set an invalid password and reject the change

Status: Acknowledged

The process named "convert" in WD My Cloud EX2 causes severe performance and availability problems as well as unnecessary wear of hard drives. After putting many files into the EX2 unit, the convert process begins to consume CPU 100% and cause many unnecessary I/O activities on the hard drives until the owner reboots the unit.

Please implement solution to this also for EX2 My Cloud Device!

Link to Original Issue (but for EX4):

Status: Acknowledged

On the EX2 Admin dashboard, one can display the capacity of the device.  While this information is interesting, it is not really useful when needing to trouble shoot various issues. 


EX2 Capacity Usage.png


An example of a question that can be answered by the data file statistics display would be: 


Which share has the most directories on your My Cloud EX2, and what is the directory count?


I suggest adding an option to display the folder and file information for each Share, such as:



   -  xx directories

  •     max folder level/layers   xx per directory

   -  xxxx files     (xx total GB)

         -   xxx video      (xx total GB)

         -  xx music        (xx total GB)

         -  xx photos       (xx total GB)

         -  xx other          (xx total GB)




   -  xx directories

  •     max folder level/layers   xx per directory

   -  xxxx files     (xx total GB)

         -   xxx video      (xx total GB)

         -  xx music        (xx total GB)

         -  xx photos       (xx total GB)

         -  xx other          (xx total GB)


Then, when these high level stats are displayed, enable the ability to drill into each one to get more detail.  Example


max folder level/layers   xx per directory      -  enable drill down to the folder that has the max layers to see exactly what it is and the folder structure for that directory.

Status: Acknowledged

Idea approved for voting.

Currently on the EX2, we have the ability to create remote backup jobs.  Once created, however, there is no way to EDIT the job.   In order to change any of the parameters on the job, one must delete the current job, and create a new job with the same job name as the one deleted to prevent a new copy of the source data to get backed up to the destination drive.


Please add the abiltiy to edit any one of or all the parameters of an existing Backup Job:


  1. Add /  remove shares
  2. Change backup "TYPE" from Copy to Synchronize (or visa versa)
  3. Change job from Autoupdate OFF  to Autoupdate ON (or visa versa)
  4. Change the time the job is scheduled to run
  5. Change the frequency - Daily / Weekly / Monthly


Status: Acknowledged

Idea submitted for voting.

rsync on the WD EX2

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎10-14-2014 07:49 AM

It woul be nice to have rsync daemon on WD EX2

I have a problem if I try to syncronize the folders between Synology NAS and WD over rsync.

So I need the way to transfer/syncronize the files between NASes without downloading it to my PC. So NAS<->NAS not NAS<->PC<->NAS

As I know, on the older WD Cloud product it's implemented already.

Status: Acknowledged
Please correct the current sort. Example, files ABC 1, ABC 2, ABC 3,... ABC 10, ABC 11 is the listed in order as:
ABC 10
ABC 11

It is not listed sequentially.

Thank you
Status: Acknowledged



The usability of the My Cloud / My Book interface would be greatly improved, if:

1) you could add more visibility on Disk Utilisation - Read/Write IOPS/Activity/Operations

2) you could add more on how the storage is used, per Share level (now are even basic infos like Share size missing)


more info here.




Status: Acknowledged

The usability of the EX2 interface for backup jobs would be greatly improved, if:

1) you could select multiple dirs to include in one job

2) you could choose to move files (not only copy)


more info here


Status: Acknowledged

add Onedrive sync app on EX2

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎11-12-2014 09:51 AM

we have Dropbox, now let's have Onedrive Sync app!

with Onedrive giving unlimited free space to office 365 users, there must be an app for direct syncing between EX2 and Onedrive.

Status: Acknowledged

add openVPN app on EX2

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎11-12-2014 09:58 AM

OpenVPN is already running in EX2 to connect to WD servers for MyCloud app functionality... why not opening up for private use by EX2 owners?

Most OSes now support VPN natively, making it easier for consumers to set up their own VPN.

Status: Acknowledged

MyCloud EX4 Backup Setup - Entire EX4 NAS in one job.

Status: Unplanned
by ‎01-11-2014 07:38 AM - edited ‎01-11-2014 07:43 AM

I would like to have the ability to backup my enitre EX4 to an external USB drive.  I know the feature is already in the unit, but you have to schedule one folder at a time, so it would be nice to schedule the whole unit, and then only have it backup the files that have changed, and not the whole unit. It could be kept in one folder on the USB drive, instead of creating individual folders with dates and times. Also would like to see the ability to remove permissions from the USB backup share so that you can restrict who sees all the data from the EX4. 

Status: Unplanned
There is no plan to support the Safepoint feature in the EX series of My Cloud.

Dashboard Webfile Viewer For Users (EX2)

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-25-2014 01:25 PM

Repair the software bug in the dashboard webfile viewer so users other than Admin can use it remotely to transfer files.


Curently you can enable dashboard access and forward port 80 or 443 (443 for secure html) to then access the EX2 or 4 directly via your WAN ip. This allows you to use the built in web viewer app to upload and download files when you are away from your home. Other users that you have added to the EX4 can log in via there own username and password and they will be shown a limited version of the dashboard with only the viewing rights to the directories that you have assigned them. However, they can not download, or upload anything which makes this useless for sharing files.

So to summarize, remote dashboard access as the admin works perfectly, remote dashboard access as a sub-user is useless.

I have also noticed that if I login to the admin account, then logout and back in as a subuser on the same PC, the sub-user account works perfectly. However I can't go to my users homes and login then logout so they can have access...


Getting this fixed would solve a lot of file sharing problems for everyone.

Status: Acknowledged

This is from my post in the forums on 22-Jun--2014.  Everything past "The changes." below is copy & pasted.

I am using my EX4 as more storage for my backup server.   I'm doing disk to disk backups, and then disk to cloud with a 3rd party. 

My disk to disk is something I built, which has a few other people using it for fairly large setups.  It's simply rsync with hard linking between incrementals.   I'm not sure if hard linking is working at all with Samba though.   I'm bouncing between projects here like a mad man.

To give SMB access to my previous NFS share, I had to do the following.  It would be good to see these as options or changes in future firmwares, so I don't have to do it manually in the shell. :smileyhappy:    I had to grant root access to samba, because I back up almost everything, and they can be owned by any local user.  If I back up the entire filesystem, lots of files are owned by root (obviously), so Samba allowing root is essential.   It would be a nightmare to restore and guess at ownerships for every file on the system.

I gave this disclaimer on my post, so you guys will (hopefully) not get support requests for changes I mentioned. 

 "Note to everyone else.  Don't do any of this.  I had to log in via SSH and manipulate things directly.  I'm a professional, and take all liability for my own mistakes."

If I can be of any more help, feel free to email me.  I believe admins can see my email address on my profile.  If you're at WD and can't get my email,  get with me and we'll figure it out.    I'm sure this is all clear enough for anyone building the firmware.  If you want me to try something in my environment, I'm willing to consider it.  :smileyhappy:   I work with this stuff all day every day, so I generally know if a change is dangerous.

There's a bug with my changes.  I can read all the root-only files now.  I can't write to anything.  I'm back in to fix that.  I'm sure it's one stupid flag.  samba.conf can be annoying. :smileyhappy:

The changes.

1) Allow the user root to be accessed via the user panel, and add it to the smbpasswd file.  

Obviously the local user root already exists.  I added it to the smbpasswd file with:
smbpasswd -a root

And I also set the local user password with:
passwd root

2) Make root a valid option as a user to be allowed to the share. 
Allow root to be added to the valid users list.

3) Change /proc/sys/dev/raid/speed_limit_* .  1000 is way too low with 16TB.    After the firmware update, it wanted to rebuild the array, and will take 11 days.   I changed them to 99999999 (arbitrarily high number) .  Now it claims 2.54 days.    That could be catastrophic if someone had flaky power.   We've been having short power outages here, but the UPSs stayed up the whole time.  If we had a long outage and the generator didn't kick on (or if I was an average home user) dropping power during a rebuild could fail the array.   I don't think you want to try to explain over the phone to a novice user how to reassemble a failed array. :smileyhappy:

4) I would have liked it if you had built busybox with chattr.   Tell whoever builds it, they'll understand.  I wanted to "chattr +i smb.conf", so nothing would accidentally change my settings back.  I already tested, and if i make any unrelated changes, it reverts them to your settings.   I made a backup, so it won't be a big deal if it changes in the future.

I only got the EX4 because it was cheaper than building out my own machine to do local storage.  As far as that goes, it's cute, and seems to work well.   All in all, it doesn't look bad from the inside.  

And, thank you for having ssh as an option.  i'd hate to have to try to root this thing without it.

Status: Acknowledged

More flexibility in share visibility.

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-09-2014 10:40 PM


I use my WDEX4 as a media server, and also as a backup server.  


When I connect to it using a WDTV, it annoying lists all the shares.   I'd like to hide various shares from the WDTV.   For example, Public, Backups, Recycle-Bin, etc...  


I know Samba can handle this.   Perhaps an advanced share config page giving access to the allow/deny capability?



-- Ian Davis


Status: Acknowledged

It strike me that the very popular and free "" DDNS is not availble in the choice menu. PLease add it. Very minor work.

Status: Acknowledged
Idea submitted for voting.

Remote dashboard access for ex2

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-11-2014 01:53 AM

I would like a simpler remote access to my ex2 dashboard. Like the "wd my cloud" app.

Status: Acknowledged

Idea submitted for voting.

Entire NAS system backup/schedule

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-03-2014 07:48 AM

I had recently submitted an idea to be able to backup the entire EX4 on a schedule, instead of setting up each individual folder, and then manually kicking off the backup.  The idea was rejected by WDC, stating they would not support that feature on the EX series.  I hope that was a mistake - really you won't support the function to backup the entire device on a schedule?  If that is the case I will have no use for this device, and will need to purchase a different unit.  Please WDC, make this happen.



Status: Acknowledged
Can WD please allow the ability to adjust the thumb nail images to make then larger for easier viewing.

Also, add more sort columns to be like Windows such as file type, bitrate, etc.

Please add these functionality for all platforms.

Thank you
Status: Acknowledged

I store tens of thousands of pictures on my WD EX4.  The thumbnails take up too much space and it also decreases performance.  I copied over about 30,000 images (827 GB) and the thumbnail creation process took over 24 hours!  Thank goodness a lot of the images were still in RAW format that did not get thumbnailed, othersise it would probably still be running!


I don't need the thumbnails in the hidden folder (.wdmc), nor do I want them.  I understand some people want them, so PLEASE add a configuration switch to disable the process that creates them.  You could do this on a Share by Share basis so if someday I want some of my images thumbnailed I can put them in a share configuresd to create them automatically.


I have seen a lot of discussions around disabling some services, but it would be better if you just added a configuration switch.


Status: Acknowledged

It would be nice if there are more DDNS Hosts in the service in the List, because more and more are not for free anymore!

A custom ddns would be the best option!

Look at dd-wrt!

dd-wrt ddns


Thank you!

Status: Acknowledged
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