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WD2Go for Windows RT

Status: Unplanned
by on ‎06-04-2013 06:41 AM

This has already appeared on the Community board, but with over 1 million Windows Surfaces out there and presumably more of other makes, it must be viable to produce a version of WD2Go for Windows RT.

Status: Unplanned

I would like to set up my own private calander on my WD Cloud Drive, not using google or anything more.

I came across some software such as ownCloud or baikal, which is a bit like dropbox or the WD Cloud App, plus a calender functionality.


Access could be enabled via WD Cloud App plus Desktop-Access when directly connected to the WD Cloud.


Any feature like is to come soon, or appearing worth developing?




Status: Acknowledged

i would like to suggest that the options that are included with the iPhone app be added to the Android app. My wife's iPhone has the following options when getting ready to upload phone photos to our My Cloud that I would really like to see in my Android app:

  1. Option to select photos for operations

  2. Option to Add a photo while being in a selected folder

  3. Option to Add a new folder to her My Coud user folder rather than the default Public folder.


I think all the Android users would be encouraged to experiment more with the My Cloud device if we had more control of our uploads.


I really love our My Cloud since my wife's iPhone can now upload photos from her iPhone in a manner that works so much better so much easier than when we first bought it. She is now happy to get the photos off her iPhone and get them easliy organized on our My Coud. Thanks for the new changes to the My Cloud device and iPhone app. Now, if you could do the same for Android I could complete my joy. :-)

Status: Acknowledged
Hi, On my iPhone Mycloud app, the photo files display thumbnails. However on the PC desktop app there's no option to switch on thumbnail view. Please make that option available. Thanks
Status: In Review



What would make the wd 2go and my book live a truly great personal/small business cloud storage product are the following enhancements:


1. Merge the functionality of wd photos into wd 2go. You don't need two products. 


2. Please show thumbnails for photo files.


3. Please provide "tv out"  function support in wd 2go on iPad, iPhone.  This will be fantastic to be able to stream to TV directly,


4. Provide support to play .mpg video files natively in iPad, iPhone and not to pass off to another app as in "open in" menu.  This will bring a lot of the older videos into my book live cloud store, thereby increasing demand for storage, which is good for Western Digital's business.


5. Please provide support to email link to "folders" instead of just files (dropbox style).  This will allow to be able to share whole albums. This should be done by providing link to an URL and not zipped file containers.


6. And lastly (for now), provide the same support on iPad, iPhone that exists on Android devices and wd photos on iPad, that is: expor/upload  local device content to my book live.


Thank you,



K.V. Sastry

Status: Unplanned
With this idea you could define The folders that will be in The cloud in The back up. Similar than with WD SMARTWARE forma PC
Status: Acknowledged

WD My Cloud apps thumbnail feature

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-09-2014 01:06 PM

The WD My Cloud app should have a thumbnail feature for every platform: Mac, PC, iOS, and Android.


Thank you!

Status: Acknowledged

Idea approved for voting.

I think it would be super awsome if I could see a preview of the Raw files on My cloud.

I would like to download them to a remote computer to edit them some times but I am unable to see a preview of the RAW file.


I think all photographers would apreaciate this feature.



Status: Acknowledged

Idea revised for voting.

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎01-14-2014 08:28 PM



I bought the 4TB My Cloud yesterday and it works really good but we are missing a application for windows 8 and a better application for windows phone 8.


I have Windows Phones and Surfaces RT/PRO. I was expeting to use this in order to save space in those devices.


Windows Phone has a configuration to automaticaly upload photos using a application. will be nice to use this feature..





Do you have plans to develop those apps?

Should I wait for it?

Do you have a estimate how long wil take?





Status: Acknowledged

Currently I can't use My Passport Wireless to backup my photos or video by WD Photos.  It is great to add that feature into the WD Photos app.  It helps to sync the mobile device as a backup drive as well as external storage expansion.  Looking forward for this feature!

Status: Acknowledged

Request for WD Photo for Windows Phone

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎06-28-2013 03:20 PM

Just switched over from Android to Windows.  Disappointed in that WD Photo is not available.  Loyal customer (My Book Live, 2 WD TV Lives) requesting some additional support for WD apps on windows phones.  




Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-29-2011 12:03 AM

would like to see the option to play entire albums, genres, or complete collection of music via wd 2 go as at present you can only play one track then go back into folder to select next and a similar thing happens with photos in you only get one at a time so unlike wd photos where you can flick through entire albums in wd2go you again have to go back to main folder to select another photo and i would like to see it work like wdphoto app so you can view all photos from albums in a slide mode

Status: Acknowledged

TV Out and AirPlay support

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-17-2012 12:01 PM

WD 2go is a great App!! But it only plays videos on the iOS device. It does not do TV Out or support Airplay.
I want to be able to connect my iPad to the my TV via the 32pin cable with the HDMI adapter, and also use Apple TV and AirPlay to steam videos from my My Book Live Duo.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎04-16-2014 02:43 AM

the  media streaming provider Plex has a great potential to make the wd my cloud even better. the possibillity to play my most demanding hd movies or anything else anywhere on any device, but mainly movies. i´m sure your know that plex needs a media server in the form of a pc or a nas, if you then press nas when you are setting up your plex server alot of nas manufacturers appear, but saddly not WD. the great thing about plex for me atleast is that it will stream my media with a smaller bitrate if im streaming to my phone for exampel, and plex will play any codec in any container and the plex app is anywhere smart tv´s, phones, pc´s........

this whould make my wd my cloud even better, please contact plex to see if this is a possibillity


best regards

jacob holm


the happy owner of a 4tb wd my cloudSmiley Happy

Status: Acknowledged

WD 2go support for WP7 / Windows Phone 7?

Status: In Review
by on ‎02-04-2012 11:35 AM

The Windows Phone 7.5 (particularly post-Mango) is becoming much more popular and is finally gaining market share. For good reasons...for once, albiet belatedly, MS has put out a quality product that rivals and sometimes even exceeds the Android and iOS competition.


I would very much appreciate a WP7 implementation for WD 2go. To do so now rather than later would be impressively forward-thinking.

Status: In Review

jpeg is only one of many file formats for photos. WD PHOTOS is terribly limited by handling only jpeg. please add support for tiff and the other popular photo file formats.

Status: Acknowledged

WD My Cloud (4tb version) - Photo Sorting

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎12-23-2014 07:15 PM
This is similar to another idea posted, but more specific issue is how the drive sorts the photos while using the WD Photo App on iOS devices, currently the drive sorts based on MODIFIED date, that really needs to be changed to DATE TAKEN, makes no sense to sort by modified date. The sort works perfectly fine on the WD My Book Live that drive sorts by date taken.
Status: Acknowledged

When WD Smartware creates a backup, it assigns a meaningless name such as "Volume.474e546.7924....." It would be really nice if this backup could be renamed to something more meaningful such as "Pictures Backup"

Status: Acknowledged

I recently purchased a new Android tablet running Android 5.0 (Lollipop). It only has 16GB of online storage so I bought a 64GB Micro SD card. Unfortunately, I can't write to it. There's a "save file to SD card" feature in the My Cloud app, but it doesn't work.  Even if I move my My Cloud app to my SD card, it still writes my files to the internal memory.


Android 5.0 has opened up new APIs so that SD cards are usable. Please utilize these new APIs as soon as possible. I've been using a MyBook Live for years and I have a lot of files on there. I think the apps for iOS and Android have always been good - but this hurdle has to be overcome for me to continue using (and purchasing) WD's storage options.


Ideally, it would be great to just tell the app "Sync everything to my SD card no matter where you're installed". It would be wonderful to sync directories from my MyBook Live right to my SD card.  Just restoring the fuctionality of the 'Save file to SD card' command would be a nice start.


Thanks for listening!

Status: Acknowledged



I really like WD's My Book Live, have 2 and will buy more when it works well enough. The new app is really faster than the previous method of connecting, but lost a lot compared to the use of Finder.


I cannot copy files, dragging and dropping between folders - I cannot have two folders visible. I cannot search or filter. I cannot see images without opening or do a quick view.


It's an app. Albeit shiny.


So this is what I need to finally leave the NSA, sorry, Dropbox, SugarSunc and Google Drive:

1. Use Finder, like Dropbox does - could be a local folder sync:ed to the WD drive, if only performance is ok, could be a folder to the drive - could be both for different uses (such as using files offline, just like Dropbox);

2. Add search - I have all of my past business life on these drives but it is not easy (to say impossible) to search within them. Soadd indexing to the drive OS and either make it possible to search with Spotlight or add a tool to search from Finder.

3. Be able to share a folder with outside parties (nice to have, but I can keep using Dropbox for this);

4. And if you really want to integrate with dropbox, make the integration between the drive and Dropbox, not at the app level.

Status: Acknowledged
Idea approved for voting.
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