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Currently if you manually upload photos and you leave that screen it pauses/STOPS the upload of photos. I need it to still keep uploading the photos in the background. Also please make it Automatically upload when new photo is discovered. Please add to next firmware as feature.

Status: In Review
Hi, On my iPhone Mycloud app, the photo files display thumbnails. However on the PC desktop app there's no option to switch on thumbnail view. Please make that option available. Thanks
Status: In Review

When uploading images from mobile devices today they are uploaded in random order and given a new name. I would suggest, that the images are uploaded sorted by date and time. When showing images to friend and family it is a better experience that the images is shown sorted by date and time. Hollyday images are much more fun to watch sorted.

Status: In Review

Wd2go for blackberry z10

Status: In Review
by on ‎10-23-2013 12:16 PM
Please make wd2go for blackberry z10, I purchase the drive as advertised as operating with bb os10 but app not available for z10 which is the mobile I have, very frustrating . Come on WD help out
Status: In Review



I'll post this on the ideas page, but would be interesting to see how many others think this is a good idea (thus getting WD to think its a good idea).


Background.  I've been using "Public" folder on my My Duo Live to share all my Home videos, Movies, Photos, Music etc...  I've grown increasingly uncomfortable with this, as anyone who can gain access to my home network, can effectively delete all the information with no passwords required.  Basically anonymous users have full write access in that share and there is no way to change it.  This could be a guest with their teenage children which stays at our house, and uses the wifi network (which is passworded) and browses around the place and gets up to mischievous.  Or it could be family members who make a mistake etc...  Or it could be a virus on a laptop/PC which looks around the network for things to corrupt/destroy.  Various scenarios could be used.


So, I've moved all our photos etc... to a private share.  This works great, and my WD TV live supports this fine, as does WD 2go.  The only thing which is an issue is the WD photo app as it only supports the public share.  Other users have complained re this limitation.  Does anyone know if WD is planning address as I would think its an easy enough problem to fix?  As I'm unwilling to go back to using the public share, which basically makes this app useless.


I'm considered doing something with symlinks on the My Duo Live itself, but suspect this will cause other issues.




Note, I can really recommend the WD TV live, it really complements the WD my duo live, as it provides all the missing functionality around thumbnails/playlists etc...





Status: In Review

Make it quicker to Start/Stop Backups

Status: In Review
by on ‎01-22-2013 11:16 AM

If you have More than One drive/partition to backup, when you choose Catagory Backup, you should be able to Choose Any/All drives to backup, and Then be able to Start them, with One Extra click.

The way it is now, you have to Go to HOME, choose a drive, Click on Backup, Click Start Backup, Click on HOME, Choose the Next drive, Click on Backup, Click Start Backup, Click on HOME, Choose the Next drive.... Etc.

I know that part of SmartWare, is to Leave the Backup running in the Background. But, sometimes, you want to do something More CPU Intensive (game, graphics, CPU hog utility). Maybe you want to be sure the Backup is OFF before you turn the computer off?  Maybe you hope it can do a Quick backup, before you turn it off Again, so, you do Multiple Steps to "Start Backup". Leave it for awhile. Then Multiple Steps (again), to "Stop Backup".

All this should be from One Window.

Also... If you want to be SURE to have your E-mail Folders backed up, there should be a way to FORCE a backup of E-mail files. You KNOW your E-mail program is Closed Down. You Know you want to Back-up NOW, since you are going to have your E-mail program ON ALL day. Then, you want to Shut-down Quickly. You should be able to Close your E-mail program. Open SmartWare. Choose Backup E-mail (catagory) files NOW. Smartware backs them up, at THAT Moment (ALL E-mail files). Of course, giving the option of Stating just Where those E-mail files Are (Program And Data); maybe even what file Extentions they are?

I believe that the Current Smartware version (1.6.4), "waits" to backup E-mail; maybe Once a day??  How does it know When to try? When you are RUSHING to Shut-down, for the day?  Or Re-booting, after a program crash?

*** When does Smartware get a chance to Backup Anti-virus program files?***

Status: In Review

WD 2go support for WP7 / Windows Phone 7?

Status: In Review
by on ‎02-04-2012 11:35 AM

The Windows Phone 7.5 (particularly post-Mango) is becoming much more popular and is finally gaining market share. For good reasons...for once, albiet belatedly, MS has put out a quality product that rivals and sometimes even exceeds the Android and iOS competition.


I would very much appreciate a WP7 implementation for WD 2go. To do so now rather than later would be impressively forward-thinking.

Status: In Review


Status: In Review
by on ‎09-27-2011 01:25 AM

I have been using WD for more than 6 years now. I remember the previous softwares and I am now using WD Smartware. I generally love WD design and that is why I am continuosly buying the drives. However the backup software has never been to the same standard. Even now I am a bit disappointed. I would like two options added:


Retrieve to another computer but to try to place the files in the same type of locations as the old one was. if the locations are different, create the locations or identify that the user is different and then follow the same logic i.e if old was C:\users\pete\... and new is C:\users\mike\ than that should be identified and stored in that type of folder accordingly. Or at least have the flexibility to retrieve different files into specified locations that the user gives instead of just dumping it to one single folder.


The other issue is that you cannot backup one external WD with another. The old software was able to do that. This is very convenient as some people dont use their computer to save original files but the actual external WD drive because they have to work on multiple computers. THAT OPTION SHOULD BE A MUST.

Status: In Review

smartware ui change

Status: In Review
by on ‎04-11-2011 07:44 AM

add ability to change drives in the Backup and Retrieve tabs rather than having to go back to the Home tab to make change.

Status: In Review
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